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SRAM release Aero 11-speed shifters and Zipp a Vuka BTA QuickView mount

New 11-speed time trial shifters and between the arms Garmin Edge/water bottle mount for time trial bars released

Zipp and SRAM have released a couple of new products aimed at time trialists, triathletes and Ironman competitors.

Vuka BTA mount with QuickView

If you want to fit a Garmin Edge computer and water bottle to your time trial extension bars, there isn’t all that much choice. Good news then, Zipp have just released the Vuka BTA (between the arms) mount with QuickView, a horizontal mount that clamps onto the extensions and provides a mount of a computer and water bottle.

This is really a product aimed at long distance time trialists, Ironman and triathletes, where hydration is essential, and having easy access to that hydration is critical. Zip developed this mount after seeing athletes bodging bottles and computers onto their extension bars with Velcro and tape, and thought they could do something neater. It's certainly a neat solution. They already have a Quick View mount for time trial bars, but if you want a handy water bottle mount, here's your option.

It’s made from 6061-T6 aluminium and the QuickView mount uses the regular quarter-turn Garmin Edge system. A regular water bottle will mount, but Zipp of course recommend their Vuka BTA carbon fibre bottle cage. The mounting hardware has laser-etched markings for easy setup.

The Vuka BTA mount with QuickView costs £49 and is available next month. The Vuka BTA bottle cage costs £57.

Aero 11-speed shifters

After the release of their RED and Force 22 11-speed groupsets last year, SRAM have now followed up with new Aero 11-speed bar shifters for the time trial bikes to take advantage of this latest groupset.

SRAM are offering three versions, the Aero SL-500 (£90), Aero SL-1150 (£173) and Aero SL-1190 (£264). The two top-end versions use SRAM’s Return to Centre (RC2) technology, which means the lever always remains in the horizontal position. The top-end version offers a carbon fibre shifter lever with titanium bolts for a claimed 176g weight (for the pair). The middle rung shifters have an alloy lever and weigh a claimed 194g.

The cheapest version is actually the lightest at a claimed 154g, but doesn’t offer the same RC2 technology.

SRAM have also released a new triathlon/time trial-specific chainring set. It combines an aero 55t big ring with a 42 inner ring, compatible with 130BCD spiders. The set costs £125. The shifters and chain rings are all available now.

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velorules | 10 years ago

think the Speedfil Z4+ looks more aero and stable.

CornishSprinter | 10 years ago

Haha, dream on =) Panzerwagen uses a 58!

jarredscycling | 10 years ago

yay now I can play at being Tony Martin with an aero 55 tooth chainring

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