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We love Fixie Studio

Distraction therapy while the world collapses around your ears

If you've already been and voted, here's your reward in the form of Fixie Studio a neat little website that, on the way to selling you some rather nice t-shirts on the theme of 'brakeless love' - and let's be honest, t-shirts might be all we can afford in a few weeks - offers two very useful services.

First, you can while away a wistful few moments over an elevensies chocolate biscuit choosing your fixie's perfect combination of frame colour and wheel choice. And then you can use the gear inch calculator the gear inches of your favourite ring and sprocket combo. Although anyone knows it should be 46 x 18.

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antonio | 13 years ago

Now that's what you call a bike.

TheHatter replied to antonio | 13 years ago
antonio wrote:

Now that's what you call a bike.

Yep, just stick some brakes and gears on it and it would be perfect  3
...but even then you'd have to be 7 foot tall by the look of the headtube

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