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Video: Mark Cavendish stops on Tour of Britain climb to 'have word' with fan

TV cameras caught aftermath - but not what caused Dimension Data rider to stop

Mark Cavendish stopped halfway up the climb of The Struggle during today’s Stage 2 of the Tour of Britain to turn his bike around and have a word with a spectator, with TV cameras catching the aftermath, but not what led to the incident.

Footage posted to Twitter by the Bike Channel shows Cavendish stopped by the spectator – holding what looks like a selfie stick – and gesturing back down the road, before resuming the climb.

The person he had been addressing didn’t seem too fazed, turning away with what seemed to be the beginning of a smirk.

Shortly beforehand, Cavendish had pulled at the front of the main group on the early part of the tough climb, working for Steve Cummings, his Dimension Data team mate.

Cummings, twice an overall runner-up at the Tour of Britain, would later contest the win in Kendal with Julien Vermote of Etixx-Quick Step, with the Belgian proving too strong in the sprint and taking the stage and with it the race lead.

Vermote’s team mate Dan Martin led the chasing group home, nearly a minute behind.

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don simon fbpe | 7 years ago

I can certainly see that Cav would have been his usual calm, collected and dispassionate self.


stenmeister | 7 years ago
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Read this on a live feed:  It was a teenager "shouting abuse" at the riders and trying to impress his friends, said Cavendish. The Manxman said he offered him his bike and suggested he do the climb. "There was no aggression," added Cavendish.   

Bob F | 7 years ago

Stick it to 'em Cav!

samuri | 7 years ago

The best suggestion I've seen so far is 'I just had to stop and ridicule your haircut'

mikecassie | 7 years ago

Maybe the selfie stick was stuck out too far and came close to twatting Cav, maybe not.  If we could see what occured before then we'd understand if Cav's response was proporionate.  Quite often you get bellends who just try to needle people and it's better to ignore them and keep going, it spoils their day that way.

Global Nomad | 7 years ago

well I learnt a new word today, thanks barcam.

Yorkshire wallet replied to Global Nomad | 7 years ago
Global Nomad wrote:

well I learnt a new word today, thanks barcam.

Pray you never need one!

handlebarcam | 7 years ago

I'm not sure what happened there, but I suspect that if selfie sticks had been around in the days of The Badger, then France's proctologists would never have had to worry about finding work.

tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

Fascinating how different types of riders deal with douche. GC guys like Froome give a slap but keep going, every second is precious. Sprinters like Cav, happy to take a break on a climb, give a bit of verbal, then get pulled along to the finish. 


Think I prefer the slap n go, but whatever suits I guess.

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