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New funding announced to improve air quality across London neighbourhoods

Six innovative 'testbeds' will see neighbourhoods going green in various ways...

The Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL) have announced six new schemes to improve the capital’s air quality.

The six ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’ spanning nine boroughs, will be testbeds for new technology, and the most successful could be rolled out more widely.

The funding will be matched by £1.1m from the London boroughs involved and Heathrow airport, making a total investment of £2.5m.

The schemes aim to help to break down the barriers preventing people from buying Ultra-Low emission vehicles (ULEVs) and ease the transition for communities wanting to move to greener lifestyles.

They include a zero emission zone, ‘electric streets’ that have a high concentration of electric vehicle charge points, and the trial of game-changing technology like an ultra-low emission HGV.

The six ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’ are:

· Hammersmith & Fulham – A zero emission zone is proposed for Hammersmith town centre, including standard and rapid charge points for electric vehicles, as well as improvements to public space and other innovations such as sustainable urban drainage. (£210,000 overall funding)

· Heathrow – A trial of one of the UK’s first hydrogen-diesel powered vans will take place at Heathrow airport’s delivery consolidation centre, supporting the reduction of emissions from its day-to-day operations. (£130,000 overall funding)

· City Fringe (Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets) – ‘Electric streets’ will be created – with a concentration of charging points and electric vehicle-only parking and loading points. (£1,198,000 overall funding)

· Harrow – Mechanics will be specially trained to service Ultra-Low emission vehicles (ULEVs). Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points will be installed in Harrow town centre, and local businesses will trial the use of EV fleets. (£230,000 overall funding)

· Haringey – Clean energy charging schemes will be trialled, including a rapid charging taxi rank, in addition to specialist business and community engagement to drive awareness of green technology and encourage behaviour change. (£609,000 overall funding)

· Croydon & Sutton – Electric vans and trucks will be loaned to businesses in the Beddington Industrial Area, to reduce pollution caused by the high levels of construction in Croydon town centre. (£123,306 overall funding)

Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for environment and energy, said: “Tackling London’s poor air quality is a public health emergency that requires bold action at all levels of Government. These six innovative schemes will play a direct role cleaning the up toxic air in neighbourhoods across London, and could lead the way for similar schemes across the UK.”


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rliu | 7 years ago

All the schemes listed are a nonsense. Khan seems to have very little political will and not prepared to make bold moves, something both Ken and Boris were no strangers to doing. Though to be fair I can't imagine Goldsmith being much different had he won.

EddyBerckx | 7 years ago

The majority of motorists in central London are from outside London ffs!!! Encouraging car use electric or otherwise in the inner London boroughs is madness!!! It's not them causing the pollution...

Zjtm231 | 7 years ago

What a load of rubbish. Where is the commitment to remove the biggest fleet of pollution creating vehicles in London being the thousands and thousands of TFL diesel busses? The rest is window dressing and won't do a single bit of good. Khan already backtracking on all his promises and will be the worst London Major we will have had the bad luck to have.

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