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Round the world cyclist's bike and all posessions stolen

Bike, tent, clothes and years of work all stolen outside Kingston on Thames supermarket

An adventurer who cycled round the world has had his bike and most of his possessions stolen - outside a Co-op in Kingston upon Thames.

Rob Lutter, who cycled solo around the world in 2011, taking photographs as he went, has lived in a tent for years while he wrote and published a travel book, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

It’s not the first time Rob has had his bike and gear stolen.

He said: “After four years on the road I've developed a humble lifestyle: my camera, laptop, a socket, a sleeping bag space and a little food are all I will really need over the coming months.

“Sadly though, two weeks after completing the adventure [in 2015], my worldcycle bike was stolen! Sixty was with me for 25 of the 40 thousand kms and now she is gone.

“I have already replaced the bike, but first I need to fix up a few components to make it tour-ready.

“Then I can get back on the road and find a base in England to write from.”

Rob’s new blue Kona Rove, along with 4 brown panniers, a camera, a computer and all this clothes, were taken last night in Kingston.

Hi hard drives, tent, photos and work were also among the belongings stolen.

He tweeted: “What's wrong with the world. Can't do this anymore. Just why.”

Anyone with any information about the bike can contact the police or Rob, who tweets @robertlutter.

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Fifth Gear | 7 years ago

UK police aren't interested in crime against people who use bicycles, which explains the growing problem.

Yorkshire wallet replied to Fifth Gear | 7 years ago

Fifth Gear wrote:

UK police aren't interested in crime against people who use bicycles, which explains the growing problem.

Yep, my mate's sister had her motorbike stolen from a locked garage. Prime suspect in our mind was her ex, who had just recently been kicked out of the house and that sort of crime would be right up his street. They told the police who they suspected but they police wouldn't do anything about it for some reason. Not enough to go on or something. Not even a quick visit to this guy.

1961BikiE | 7 years ago

Welcome back to Britain! Thankfully it's only a few who makes us look bad but they make seem to make a disproportionately large impression.

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