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'Cycling Mayor' targeted for high value bike theft

Jennifer Trotman's garage was broken into - but all they wanted were her best bikes...

The ‘cycling Mayor’ of a small town in Somerset has appealed to the public after bikes worth more than £3,000 were stolen from her garage.

Jennifer Trotman was twice Mayor of Axbridge, and is a well-known local figure on the roads.

She said she had clearly been targeted for the most valuable of her bikes.

"Somehow they broke into our garage," Ms Trotman, 43, told Somerset Live.

"There were other bikes and power tools but they just took my bike, which is worth £2,000 and my partner's, which is worth about £1,100."

She said she had little hope of recovering her unique custom-built bike.

"I'm doubtful the police will catch them, but if it does make others aware then that's something.

"I know people might think it's only a bike but it's so much more than that," she said.

"It's not one you would see in the shops, so hopefully someone might see it, you never know."

If you can help, contact police on 101 and quote the crime reference 5217038980


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barbarus | 7 years ago
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Must be one of the relatively few couples where her bike is worth more than his. Gutted for them and I hope they get them back.

I remember that horrible hollow feeling of seeing the place you left your bike and it not being there.

burtthebike | 7 years ago

The only crime I would consider bringing back hanging for.

Kadinkski | 7 years ago

Awww, theivery sucks. I feel bad for her.

SingleSpeed | 7 years ago
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Those saddle bags 

BigManLittleHair replied to SingleSpeed | 7 years ago

SingleSpeed wrote:

Those saddle bags 

Oh because, like, looking at your user name, like, you're really cool, man and, like, ride fixed. All the time. Mudguards are for losers, ay? Nothing like road spray dripping past your messenger bag, chrome or bagaboo? Whatever, you so awesome. I bet you love black, apart from your summer cut off denim.

In other words, why the dickish focus on aestetics. She rides and she's lost her rides, tis a shame.

Here's a cyclist more aesthetically inclined and way more bad ass than you.

[Image result for grayson perry bicycle]


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