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Scheme to improve cycle safety at spot where Ardian Zagani was killed has been "in the works" according to TfL

Campaigners say schemes are being kicked into the long grass

An improvement scheme for the spot where a London cyclist was killed this week has been ‘in the works’ for three years. Ardian Zagani was struck by a Ford Transit van in Camden Road, Holloway, just after 6am on August 29 and died at the scene minutes later.

A witness to the incident told The Islington Tribune that the accident happened at a point where Camden Road “pinches” from two lanes to one.

Transport for London (TfL) reportedly met cycling groups three years ago to discuss improvements to the road, with proposals including a segregated cycle lane.

John Chamberlain, coordinator at London Cycling Campaign, said: “There was one scheme in 2014 that was supposed to be taken further – but didn’t go anywhere. There was another in 2004.”

TfL said a scheme to improve safety was still “in the works”.

Chamberlain added: “Of course, we cannot say whether these schemes would have protected against this tragic incident. My personal opinion is that what is happening is that there are people with good aspirations within TfL, but there are too many different interests.

“For example, there are big concerns about bus delays. It’s all to do with priorities. There are other roads in London like this one where changes have been made. Cycling is on the up and up. You can’t keep kicking it into the long grass. You have to make compromises.”

Stop Killing Cyclists are to hold a vigil and die-in for Zagani on Monday night.

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