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Some highlights from this week on two wheels...

1. Chris Froome's Giro power data

Chris Froome with Giro d'Italia trophy (picture LaPresse).jpg

What a Giro, what an effort! The numbers behind that effort by Froome to win the Maglia Rosa were revealed by Velon this week, showing that he averaged 397 watts for the final 3km up the Colle delle Finestre last Friday. 
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2. Wires strung across cycle trail in country park near New Forest – for second time in three years

Family cycling at Moors Valley Country Park and Forest (source Facebook page)

A cyclist riding with his family fell off his bike and hit his head on a rock after wires were strung across a cycle trail in a country park near the New Forest, exactly three years after we reported on a similar incident at the same location. Rangers at Dorset’s Moors Valley Country Park, which lies close to Ringwood and the western edge of the New Forest National Park, have asked cyclists to notify them of any obstructions they find on cycle routes there and have said they will notify the police of any such incidents.
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3. Ikea makes global product recall on its award-winning bike

Sladda (Ikea).jpg

Ikea has issued a worldwide product recall for its Sladda bikes due to a fault in the belt drive that can lead to it snapping, potentially causing the rider to fall off and sustain injury. The aluminium unisex bikes, available in 26- and 28-inch versions, were launched two years ago amid much fanfare, and with Ikea claiming that the belt drive would be good for 15,000 kilometres of riding. We'll stick to bookcases and a slice od Daim Cake in future...
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4. Bernard Hinault: “Froome is not part of the legend of the sport"

Bernard Hinault 2011 TDF launch

“Froome does not belong on that list,” said Hinault, according to a report in Belgian newspaper Het Laaste Nieuws cited by The Guardian. He continued: “He should never have been allowed to start in the Giro,” referencing to Froome's ongoing salbutamol case. Irony much?
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5. Near Miss of the Day 147: Combine harvester driver squeezes cyclists off road


This submission in our Near Miss of the Day series shows a combine harvester driver making an extremely close pass on a pair of riders on a tandem - and what's more, on a road that forms part of the National Cycle Network (NCN).
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6. London needs to shed its white, male, middle-class cyclist image, says Will Norman

London cyclists (coyright

It's fair to say it's not been the best of weeks for London's cycling and walking commissioner, who has been heavily criticised for saying that that London’s Cycle Superhighways were viewed by many as a means of getting “middle-aged men cycling faster around the city.”
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7. Tesla car on Autopilot crashes into police car in California


The safety of autonomous and semi-autonomous cars has once again been called into question after a Tesla Model S crashed into a police car in California, prompting concerns over whether drivers are receiving sufficient training about engaging the self-driving feature.
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8. Sustrans announces major review of National Cycle Network

National Cycle Network sign © Simon MacMichael.jpg

Sustrans has announced that it is to undertake a major review of the National Cycle Network (NCN), which it develops and maintains. The Bristol-based sustainable transport charity says that as part of the review, it will explore potential new routes for people on foot and bike as well as identifying missing links in the existing network.
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9. Sector of Paris-Roubaix cobbles renamed after Michael Goolaerts


A sector of cobbles that features in Paris-Roubaix is to be renamed after Michael Goolaerts, the 23-year-old rider who lost his life there during the race in April.
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10. Police urged to act against motorist who drove from John O'Groats to Land's End in under 10 hours

John O'Groats sign (Licensed CC BY 2.0  on Flickr by Rob Faulkner).jpg

AA president Edmund King has branded a motorist who drove from John O’Groats to Land’s End in under 10 hours at an average speed of 90 miles an hour as “idiotic” and has called on police to take action against him.
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