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Manchester’s First Street disputes cycle lane’s status after depositing a Christmas tree in the middle of it

Tree has been moved but questions remain about development’s attitude

Manchester’s First Street development has questioned the status of a cycle lane after being pressured to remove a Christmas tree from the middle of it by cyclists.

In last week’s live blog, we published a tweet from Deb, who spotted the tree being unloaded from a van at the entrance to First Street.



We naively assumed that this was only temporary, but the Manchester Evening News reports that the tree was actually left in this position.

When cyclists complained, First Street’s initial response was to tweet: “Don’t worry, this isn’t a cycle lane.”

As you can see on the StreetView image below, it certainly appears to be one.

Entrance to First Street (via StreetView)

Plenty of cyclists made similar observations (generally with a little more feeling and a more robust choice of words) and eventually First Street agreed to move it.



A large number of responses to those two tweets questioned the assertion that the tree was on “First Street land.”

First Street says it is still investigating ownership.

In any case, five days later, the tree was still there and when Manchester councillor Chris Paul questioned this, First Street replied:



The tree has now been moved.

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