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Some of our highlights from another action-packed week on two wheels...

1. The artist Grayson Perry talks about his Dutch bike - and says MAMILs confuse function with status

London bike commuters in Lycra (copyright

The artist Grayson Perry has spoken of why he chooses to ride a traditional Dutch bike – and says that men splashing out on a road bike that is more suited to the Tour de France than a commute are confusing function with status.
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2. Cyclist injured after hitting pothole finds legal process has outlasted the road repairs

Audley End Road (via StreetView)

An Essex cyclist who had emergency surgery after hitting a pothole two years ago says it is “infuriating” that the repairs haven’t lasted as long as the legal process.
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3. Backpacker from New Zealand plunges 100 metres to his death while cycling on Bolivia's 'Death Road'

Mountain bikers on Yungas Road, Bolivia (licensed CC BY SA 4.0 by Vaido Otsar on Wikimedia Commons)

A backpacker from New Zealand has plunged 100 metres to his death while cycling on Bolivia’s notorious ‘Death Road.’ Emile Vollenhaven, a physiotherapist from Auckland who was backpacking through South America with his girlfriend, was on one of the guided cycle tours that let tourists experience what has been called the “world’s most dangerous road.”
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4. Do you ride in the ice and snow? Poll numbers crunched 


Our live blog came alive on Wednesday and Thursday when we asked you whether you still ride whatever the weather or play safe when it's icy on the roads... and the winner was emphatically whatever the weather, with 39% saying they would ride in the ice, snow and whatever else the weather gods can throw at you! 
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5. Auto Trader's #SwearToChange road safety campaign offers free reflective gear to cyclists - and sparks a social media backlash

SwearToChange reflective jacket (via Auto Trader website).PNG

Auto Trader, the used car magazine and website, is asking road users to #SwearToChange in a new campaign aimed at boosting safety and courtesy on UK roads, but the campaign’s initial offer of limited edition reflective gear to cyclists, joggers and dog-walkers has provoked a backlash from some cyclists on social media who ask what incentive there is for motorists to #SwearToChange?
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6. Belfast bike thief asks for prison sentence, judge obliges

Statue of Justice, Old Bailey (licensed CC BY 2.0 on Flickr by Ronnie Macdonald).jpg

A Belfast bike thief who asked a judge to jail him in a bid to help him break out of a spiral of addiction that had led him to commit crime was obliged by a judge as she sent him to prison for 10 months.
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7. Video: e-bike versus lightweight bike... which is quickest up a climb?

ebike Vs light bike

So, e-road bikes. They're heavier than non-powered bikes, by quite a margin. So how much does that affect their ability to go uphill? Wouldn't you just be better off with a really light bike? To find out we sent Dave and Liam off to Cheddar Gorge for a climbing challenge, click below to watch how they got on...
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8. Ex-Man City boss Roberto Mancini says it’s safer to cycle in Manchester than in Italy

Dave Brailsford and Roberto Mancini (copyright Getty Images)

Former Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says it’s safer to cycle in the area around Manchester than in Italy. The 54-year-old, who managed the Premier League club from 2009-13 and is now in charge of the Italian national team, was speaking at an event hosted by the Michele Scarponi Foundation in the late professional cyclist’s home town, Filottrano.
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9. First look: Heroïn Bikes, designed specifically for the Haute Route

heroin bikes

These high-end boutique beauties from the new French brand Heroïn were designed specifically to cope with the demands of the Haute Route, and described as "versatile climbing" bikes. Guaranteed to provide an addictive ride... 
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10. Decathlon launch Van Rysel brand for their performance road bike range

van rysel decathlno twitter

Having already rebadged their touring, commuter and sportive bikes to the Triban name, Decathlon's performance road bikes will now be called Van Rysel following the global launch on Friday. 
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