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Olympic track cycling finals tickets allocated by ballot

You'll need luck and, possibly, deep pockets to see medal contests...

If you’ve set your heart on being there to see British cyclists claim track gold at London 2012, maybe now is the time to start building up some good karma.

Luck, it seems, is likely to play a bigger part in securing tickets for the blue riband track events than it will for other major draws at the Games, if only because of the demand-to-venue capacity ratio.

At least that is the conclusion drawn by the Telegraph who claim that as few as 60 percent or even less, of the 6000 velodrome seats will be available to the public for the finals of the track cycling competition.

That’s potentially around 3,600 seats and if all the purchasers go for the maximum four tickets that means just 900 applicants will be able to get hold of tickets split evenly between the price points of £50, £95, £150, £225 and £325.

The Telegraph says a ballot system will determine who gets a chance to buy, and that the booking procedure will be designed to allow the chosen few to buy tickets at the next highest or lowest price points if their preferred selection is sold out.

But with potentially just 180 purchasers being in line for the £50 tickets, the chances of seeing some golden cycling moments at what many would consider to be a reasonable price, seem slim.

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Malgiliath | 13 years ago

I was thinking it would have been nice to have gone to "The Smoke" to watch some of the cycling but at those prices the TV licence is looking the better otption.

David cycling t... | 13 years ago

well looks like your going to need good luck for sure, and they are pricey. I was hoping on being able to witness this after i finish back in london in july 2012 after the global cycling race. obviously not. looks like l will be in a pub, watching it there.....

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