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Switzerland’s "no.1 sports nutrition brand" Sponser is now available to buy in the UK

There's a toothpaste-tube-style gel energy package that we really like...

Sponser the "leading sports nutrition brand in Switzerland" is being brought to the UK by distribution company Everest Sports.

Based in Switzerland, "Sponser have been producing top quality drinks and energy bars for over 20 years." According to the company, their extensive range is sold in over 25 countries across Europe and endorsed by top athletes such as Maria Sharapova, mountain bike star Nino Schurter and Ironman Ronnie Schildknecht.

Initially, the products will be available to buy directly through the UK website. The products include a range of energy and recovery drinks, energy and protein bars and gels. "All of which set a new benchmark for nutrition, performance and taste, meeting the requirements of amateur through to professional athletes," says their press release.

Looking interesting are Liquid Energy and Liquid Energy Plus gels in a two-serving-sized tube that is "uniquely re-sealable" and easy to open and close on the fly. It solves the regular issue, claim Sponser, of putting a gel wrapper back in a jersey - you DO put them back in your pocket, don't you? - or wanting to use only half of the product.

They're looking to support grassroots sport and aspiring athletes in the UK, "as well as offering affiliated clubs 10% off and 5% back from the orders to the club."

Sponser are sponsoring the popular Velocast cycling podcast which has given the presenters John and Scott plenty of opportunity for gigglesome banter on the sponsor/sponser theme.



Here's the initial product list, according to Sponser:

Sponser Isotonic is a professional thirst quencher, which enables the body to absorb water, minerals and vitamins fast and efficiently.
1000g can / £17.50

Sponser Competition focuses on the essential role of a sports drink – optimum fluid replacement with maximum energy density!
1000g can / £17.50

Long Energy
Long Energy is a high quality sports and recovery drink for endurance events, containing 10% protein from whey protein isolate.
1200g can / £27.99

Long Energy Competition
Long Energy is a high quality sports drink for endurance events with 5% protein in peptide form.
1200g / £24.99

High Energy Bar
Sponser High Energy Bar is an ideal high quality energy source with 10% protein and BCAA.
45g - £1.25 ea / Box of 30 - £37.50

Liquid Energy
Sponser Liquid Energy is a highly concentrated, light honey flavoured energy gel in a unique easy to open and close tube.
70g Tube (Two servings) - £1.99 ea / Box of 20 tubes - £38.99

Liquid Energy Plus
Sponser Liquid Energy Plus is a highly concentrated, light honey flavoured energy gel with caffeine in a unique easy to open and close tube.
70g Tube (Two servings) - £1.99 ea / Box of 20 tubes - £38.99

Energy Plus Bar for Recovery
Sponser Energy Plus is a cereal bar, which supplies the right combination of carbohydrates and proteins to promote recovery.
40g - £1.49 ea / Box of 15 - £21.99

Protein Snack Bar
Sponser’s Protein Snack is a tasty protein and carbohydrate recovery bar. It contains 16g of high quality protein from multiple sources.
50g - £1.49 ea / Box of 24 - £34.99

Recovery Drink
Sponser Recovery Drink is a professional quality lactose and gluten free recovery drink, which accelerates glycogen storage and protein synthesis after exercise.
1200g can / £34.99

Recovery Shake
Sponser Recovery Shake is a balanced combination of carbohydrates, high quality proteins and essential vitamins and minerals.
800g can / £19.99



We have the Sponser Liquid Energy Plus in for review and we really like this tube dispenser.

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