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Strava announces Box Hill challenge

Speed up the Olympic climb and win

Think you're quick uphill? The folks at informal competition site Strava are inviting you to prove it by zooming up Box Hill as fast as you can  - or, if sheer volume of suffering floats your boat, as many times as you can.

Strava's Box Hill Beat the Best Challenge runs from July 21 to August 4 and will reward the three fastest men and women up the iconic Surrey climb, plus the three men and three women who make the most attempts at the ascent.

With an average grade of 5 percent, Box Hill is 1.6 miles long and gains 411ft. The Olympic men's road race will climb it nine times, the women's twice.

To get on the Box Hill Challenge, get yourself over to Strava.

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Municipal Waste | 11 years ago

 39 You'd think Strava's insurance company would be the ones to put a stop to this one, considering getting sued in America over someone dying because they were basically being encouraged to race on a public road...

riddoch | 11 years ago

Its a shame the zig zag road is shut from the 25th till the 30th of July., still enough days to set a time though.

notfastenough | 11 years ago

Off-topic, but I could well see that happening. It would be nice to see someone standing up to LOCOG. They a local florist take a novelty 5-ring flower arrangement down off the front of the shop - she only did it because the torch was coming through. Legally, couldn't you argue fair use or something? Or add a comedy element and argue satire?

Box hill a bit too far for me to try this unfortunately...

drheaton | 11 years ago

I wonder how long it'll take LOCOG to shut this down as Strava aren't an Olympic sponsor...  39

pjt201 replied to drheaton | 11 years ago
drheaton wrote:

I wonder how long it'll take LOCOG to shut this down as Strava aren't an Olympic sponsor...  39

on what basis will they close it down? it makes no reference to the Olympics whatsoever.

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