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Daisy Abela follows in Emma Way's footsteps with tweets of intentional collision with cyclist

"I purposely run him over LOL"...

After the news two weeks ago that Emma Way was to face charges of driving without due care and attention and leaving the scene of a collision after her #bloodycyclists outburst on twitter, Daisy Abela seems to be treading a worryingly similar path after tweeting today that she intentionally ran over a cylist after an altercation.

It's been noted before that a disproportionate amount of the anger towards cyclists on twitter – as collated by the twitter account @cyclehatred – comes from young female drivers. There have been different theories put forward as to why this might be so; everything from a feeling of vulnerability to the simple fact of young females being over-represented on twitter. But once again it's a young female driver involved, this time seemingly admitting to deliberately running down a cyclist.

She also states in her timeline that she was "definitely still drunk" and of course that she hates cyclists.

The altercation seemingly cost her a wing mirror.

Emma Way's case was investigated by Norfolk Police after the cyclist, Toby Hockley, came forward to say he'd been knocked off his bike whilst taking part in a sportive. The tweet subsequently went viral, with Ms Way appearing on local radio and BBC breakfast television to apologise. For the tweet, we might add, not the incident or the attitude.

Daisy Abela seems to hail from near Bromley in Greater London. So if you were involved in an altercation with a female driver anywhere in that vicinity this morning, that ended with you being run down, it might be worth getting in touch with your local constabulary.

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