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Anti-LTN ranter's accidental active travel advert... bemoans congestion while walking past gridlocked bumper-to-bumper cars; Giro d'Italia mountain stage; Short stay bike racks? Coming to cycle parking near you? + more on the live blog

BREAKING NEWS: Unconfirmed reports of another three-day weekend... we'll keep you updated on that front. Dan Alexander is on live blog duty this Thursday...
25 May 2023, 08:42
Anti-LTN ranter's accidental active travel advert... bemoans congestion while walking past gridlocked bumper-to-bumper cars

10 points to the first person to spot what's causing the congestion in Alan's video?

I mean, obviously the answer was going to be ULEZ and LTNs, you know the script by now. Presumably a short distance away there is a shockingly dystopian reality unfolding...

 We're not quite sure the video had the effect intended, the replies now full of people pointing out walking, like Alan is so perfectly demonstrating, is one way to move about an eternally traffic-congested city... well, freely. Others suggested how much road space the equivalent number of people would take up if using a bus or bicycles...

But what about ULEZ and those pesky LTNs causing congestion? 

25 May 2023, 15:26
25 May 2023, 15:12
Thibaut Pinot second AGAIN as search for one last Giro d'Italia stage win goes on

Somebody's heart was going to get broken, Italian champion Filippo Zanna sprinting for a stage win in his home region against Thibaut Pinot, the darling of the internet's cycling fans...

At least the Pinot fan club is taking it well...

On the GC front, Geraint Thomas will probably be happiest, celebrating his birthday by losing no time to any of his rivals. Some spirited attacking by Primož Roglič earned him seconds on João Almeida and bumps him up to second, but his Ineos Grenadiers rival remains 29 seconds ahead.

Tomorrow's queen stage takes the riders over 2,000m three times, with ascents of Passo Valparola and Passo Giau before a summit finish at Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Then, Saturday sees the much anticipated mountain TT that will decide who wears the maglia rosa in Rome on Sunday.

Hear me out... tomorrow Pinot wins... Saturday, a TT battle royale where the best man wins by a handful of seconds... Sunday, Cav wins...

25 May 2023, 14:25
Cyclist completes 107-mile Cardiff to Tenby bike ride... on a penny-farthing
Mickey Forrest (Facebook)

Mickey Forrest completed the Carten 100 ride last weekend, 107 miles from Cardiff to Tenby, commendable in its own right but even more so when you consider his bike...

"The camaraderie that could be felt that day was incredible," he told the Western Telegraph. "Every single cyclist was acknowledged by the members of the public who turned out to support us on the day, but when they saw the penny farthing coming towards them, the reception they gave was something else. I was even getting high fives from the children."

Inspired by another rider achieving the same feat back in 2019, Mickey got involved, trying it out before buying the rider's old penny-farthing when he got a new one...

"It's a great run, but naturally because my bike doesn't have any gears and the pedals are fixed to the wheel, it’s a pretty slow and steady ride. But the speed tends to balance out. On the flat you reach a certain speed, and this tends to become the speed that's maintained throughout the entire journey.

"The pleasure that this bike is giving me is fantastic. As Carten 100 looks forward to its 20th anniversary next year I'm determined to do everything I can to ride it again in 2024."

25 May 2023, 14:15
Giro d'Italia: Stunning scenery and very popular stage winner?


Dolomites (GCN/Eurosport)
Dolomites (GCN/Eurosport)

It's looking like a day for the breakaway, with 20km to go six riders have just over four minutes on the peloton, Thibaut Pinot the pick of the escapees. Alongside him are Derek Gee, Marco Frigo, Filippo Zanna, Warren Barguil and Aurélien Paret-Peintre. I'll give you one guess who the fan club wants to win...

25 May 2023, 12:37
Maglia rosa Geraint Thomas turns 37

This Giro d'Italia lark looks easy, you spin around Italy for a couple of hours and get cake on the startline... (sarcasm disclaimer: just in case any rain-battered, heavily fatigued, illness-riddled pro is reading this and feels like sending a strong-worded reply)...

First Cav, now G, the bakers of Italy are making a killing off this Giro... 

25 May 2023, 12:06
Insane pro skills from Niccolò Bonifazio clears bottle from Giro d'Italia peloton's path

I'm genuinely in awe at this...

The road rash I'd get trying that... 

Having gushed about the skill, it's probably worth adding Bonifazio never made it to the start today, we're assuming just because he's a sprinter and there's not much point him slogging through the mountains, but maybe he tried this one too many times?

Tell a lie, he's got bronchitis, that would explain it. You keep on casually flicking bottles out the road, Niccolò...

25 May 2023, 11:27
Dame Sarah Storey slams drivers who turn "a blind eye to yet another death", asks for progress after three HGV crashes with cyclists in a day — two of them fatal
25 May 2023, 10:16
Frasers Group buys ProBikeKit, report suggests

Earlier this week the rumours began that ProBikeKit was to be bought by Mike Ashley's Frasers Group, the high street empire that already owns Evans Cycles...


> Cycling retailer ProBikeKit to be bought by Mike Ashley's Frasers Group, reports suggest

This morning, Cyclingindustrynews is reporting the deal is complete, sources telling them it has gone ahead and PBK has joined the group. None of this will be particularly surprising as it was expected the deal would be finalised and announced by the end of the week.

25 May 2023, 10:03
When it's mountains, mountains and more mountains for the next three days...
25 May 2023, 09:55
COMMENTS: Short stay bike racks

Thinking about it more, I'm guessing most of these racks would be in the sort of busy location I'd probably avoid leaving my bike locked for more than just a pop into a shop, but here are some of your comments on the subject...

Short stay cycle parking (@KentRiderGaz/Twitter)

a4th: "There used to be (I haven't been for a couple of years) some small bike racks near the shops on the concourse at Glasgow Central station — really handy for getting stuff before you got on the train. Not sure if they were actively managed but they seemed to work. Location and exposure meant I wouldn't want to leave a bike there long term."

Hirsute: "I'd hazard that if a bike has been there too long, they will remove it a bit like the notices that say no bikes locked to these railings."

mitsky: "Wait. 1) Are they going to actually employ someone to monitor the bike racks with a timer to ensure none are kept there for more than 20 minutes? 2) As bikes don't have registration plates (!)... how would they identify anyone (aside from CCTV footage of the bike/user) to post a fine to? (OK, I know they could attach a fine to the bike... but with no vehicle registration to tie to the record like with motor vehicles I can't see this working very well.)

marmotte27: "As this cannot be policed, the sign seems more of an informative nature. Success depending on many factors, including the quality of the long stay cycle parking facilities. Based on that a civil-minded person like me might respect these signs."

hawkinspeter: "I'd go find the long-term parking if I saw a sign like that. If it's intended for cyclists to pop into shops, then I wouldn't want to prevent them doing that if there's a good alternative fro me that's more suitable."

Live blog comment 25/5/2023


25 May 2023, 09:34
NEW 2023 Specialized Allez — first look at the (disc brake only) entry level road bike

If you missed Jamie's vid from the other day...

25 May 2023, 07:58
Short stay bike racks? Coming to cycle parking near you?

Here's one for us to all get our heads around this Thursday morning...

I guess I'd just never considered the idea that extra cycle racks could be offered specifically for those who just need to nip in for something. Perhaps that's because most of the time we're pleased to see ANY cycle rack, let alone trip-dependant provision...

Admittedly a train station seems a more bizarre location for these, can't remember too many rail-based 20-minute round trips in my time, although I guess if there are shops or cafes outside it would make sense to let those dropping in have handy bike rack access, while those leaving their steed all day can lock it safely inside the station?

Anyone seen these before? Do they work well or is there still the obligatory one-wheeled, flat-tyred, battered mountain bike with a rusted chain knocking around six months later?

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