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Cyclist driven into by Range Rover driver blasts "victim-blaming twaddle" from police who initially refused to take action

Chief Constable for Northamptonshire Police intervenes to say incident will be "reviewed and reassessed" after initial response said cyclist placed himself "in harm's way"...

A cyclist who captured the moment a Range Rover driver hit him with their car has blasted Northants Police for "victim-blaming twaddle", sharing a letter from the police confirming they were not taking action because the victim placed himself "in front of the car" by dismounting his bike. The force's Chief Constable has now replied to the cyclist on social media to say the incident will be "reviewed and reassessed." 

The clip from Mat Burnham, shared on Twitter, starts with the driver of the Range Rover sounding the horn. 

He told "I was cycling in reasonably busy traffic through what is a pretty crappy set of junctions for cyclists to navigate safely.

"The Range Rover driver overtook in a rather rapid fashion to reach a set of traffic lights at red. I filtered through to the front of the lights and took primary. I think she took umbrage at that and sounded her horn." 

Mat then dismounts his bike and appears to be shouting at the driver, before the car is driven into his bike. 

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Sharing a letter from Northants Police after reporting the incident, Mat said it was "confirmed as an assault" but no action was taken "due to victim-blaming twaddle." 

Surprisingly the officer tells Mat that the driver has steered "to her right to try to avoid you", saying that he has "put himself in harm's way in front of the car". 

He continued: "To be honest I didn't expect much to come of reporting the collision as my previous experience of Northamptonshire Police has had them generating excuses on behalf of drivers rather than addressing poor behaviour.

"I thought they'd at least take it seriously, and warn the driver verbally or by letter even if they couldn't be bothered to prosecute. As it stands, she must still think deliberately driving into a cyclist is perfectly reasonable and rational behaviour."

He added: "I'm at my wits end. When will this nonsense end? Streets aren't safe for vulnerable road users and never will be without enforcement and basic decency." 

The reason for police deciding not to forward the incident for prosecution has been questioned by numerous people on social media, with many suggesting that the cyclist's actions in the clip could provide no possible justification for what occurred. has contacted Northants Police for comment. 

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