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Cyclist left with 'gruesome' injuries after being struck by motorist towing a caravan

"The worst part is that someone cared about me that little they just drove off and left me lying there"...

A cyclist was left with severe injuries after a motorist towing a caravan knocked her off her bike before driving away. 

Helen Webster, 44, said she 'can't stop crying' after the incident which left her with 'gruesome' injuries. 

Her friend claimed that the driver involved got out of their car and appeared to walk towards Ms Webster before getting back in the vehicle and driving off. 

The mum of two was cycling along A1067 at Lenwade, near Norwich, on April 24 at 10.30am when she was struck by the caravan, which was attached to an overtaking car. 

She lost consciousness - and woke up on the floor to find her friend holding her hand and two strangers holding her neck, the Eastern Daily Press report

At the hospital, she was told she had broken her collar bone and several ribs, had split her lip and had sustained a spinal injury.

The crash has been reported to police but Ms Webster is still waiting to hear back.

She said: "The last week has been uncomfortable to say the least. I'm in a lot of pain and I can't stop crying.

"The worst part is that someone cared about me that little they just drove off and left me lying there.

"It was all pretty gruesome. My friend told me the glasses I was wearing had been crushed and one of the lenses had become lodged in my lip.

"Apparently there was a doctor a few cars back who helped me, though I have no recollection of it. I'd like to thank him, whoever he is."

The bike ride was part of Ms Webster's training for an upcoming charity cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats for the Prince's Trust.

Her friend James Wooler was cycling behind her at the time and saw the whole thing.

He said: "We were travelling at about 18mph.

"The car towing the caravan overtook us, and then the caravan swerved into the side of Helen.

"She ended up sort of trailing it with her body.

"As it pulled ahead there was nowhere left for her to go and she just collapsed into the road. I called the ambulance immediately.

"Around 100m ahead I could see the caravan had stopped. Someone stepped out the car towing it and began walking towards us.

"But a minute later I looked back up and the caravan was gone."

Ms Webster, who is married with two teenage daughters, is a project engineer in Watton who spends a lot of her free time cycling.

She is asking for anyone who saw the incident or has any information that might help her identify the caravan's owner to get in touch.

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Nikonitis | 2 years ago

I agree with Awavey, the fact the Police have not acted positively is damning. It can suggest either a lack of will, or a lack of resources.

To leave an injured person at the roadside, given that the individual actually got out of the car to inspect the damage, is callous in the extreme. A cynical mind might suggest intent. Either way I hope that witnesses come forward and produce evidence that convict this awful person.

I have written to my local MP and I would urge everyone to do the same.

Bungle_52 | 2 years ago

Just a reminder of the government petition calling for more severe penalties for failing to stop after a collision.

Petition Ryan's Law: Widen definition of 'death by dangerous driving'

The offence of causing 'death by dangerous driving' should be widened to include: failure to stop, call 999 and render aid on scene until further help arrives.

This government response was given on 24 March 2021

It is unacceptable for drivers to fail to stop and report an incident. However, the offence should not be used to punish an offender for a serious, but unproven, offence.

In other words they did nothing.

It is now at 90,914 signatures

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament and may be something will be done.


420bikes replied to Bungle_52 | 2 years ago

Was also involved in a hit and run incident few years back. I don't think police care unless someone dies. The operator(999) made it seem like it was a serious incident but the cops didn't come to take a statement until about a week later. My insurance company acted a lot quicker.

In the end police didn't even investigate.

Hope Helen gets some justice from this and recovers suitably quickly for her charity ride. Took me a couple of years

Metaphor | 2 years ago

I would ask everyone to write to their MP. If there were a similar spate of callousness against trans people or women or an ethinic minority then actions would be taken. This type of behaviour should get the same action. WRITE TO YOUR MP USING THIS SPECIFIC CASE. 

Awavey | 2 years ago

hope Helen recovers from her injuries as the pictures in the EDP do highlight how serious it was, just ignore some of the trolls in the EDPs comments.

But whats easy to overlook about this report, is this is actually Helen directly appealing for witnesses to come forward herself.

The victim of a serious road collision is having to appeal for witnesses themselves because more than a week later the police havent even been back in contact with her, or reported it in their round ups for the press to pick up or issued their own appeal for information.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Awavey | 2 years ago

Wow, it looks like Rob Liddle or Matthew Parris live in the catchment area for comments. 

wtjs replied to Awavey | 2 years ago

 ignore some of the trolls in the EDPs comments

I seem to have led a life sheltered from the sort of people who write some of those comments. I am shocked at how dimwitted and malevolent some of them are- even including the I-am-very-stupid giveaway 'I'm a cyclist myself'!

Eton Rifle replied to Awavey | 2 years ago

If you've got a Disqus login, head over to the Eastern Daily Press (fuck knows why they've got comments open on an article covering an ongoing crime investigation) and get some balance against the usual Gammon twats posting there.

PRSboy | 2 years ago

What despicable people to do that, know they've done that, and drive off.  Truly scummy behaviour, I hope karma is coming...

Wishing Ms Webster a speedy recovery, and I hope she feels able to get back on the bike soon.  

brooksby | 2 years ago

I suspect that there are a lot of caravans on the road right now being towed by cars driven by people who haven't towed a caravan (and may not have even driven a car) for several months at the very least. A lot of large and hard-to-handle vehicles being driven around by people who are seriously out of practice...

didsthewinegeek | 2 years ago

Truly sickening, that someone would think that little of someone's life to drive off. I hope the lady makes a full recovery and gets back on her bike to achieve the charity ride.

Eton Rifle | 2 years ago

Christ, this is fucking appalling. What semblance of a human being casually maims someone and then drives away? The cops / CPS need to make an example of this scumbag.

Sriracha | 2 years ago

This is the peak of the triangle. If all that is dealt with is serious cases such as this, then more will come along soon enough. The police must tackle the foundations, the base of the triangle - all the near misses and close passes, etc, until the triangle is all but gone.

Best wishes to Helen and those close to her.

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