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E-scooter rider kills cyclist in crash

The rider faces a possible five year jail term...

A speeding E-scooter rider killed a 64-year-old cyclist by crashing into them in Singapore.

Hung Kee Boon, 22,  pleaded guilty to causing her death in what is believed to be the country's first fatal case involving one of the electric scooters.

Ong Bee Eng, 64, sustained severe traumatic injuries from the collision and her family were told there was a high likelihood she would remain in a vegetative state if she survived.

Hung Kee Boon, also pleaded guilty to riding an e-scooter that did not comply with legal requirements. 

His e-scooter reportedly weighed '44.2 kg' and had a handle bar that measured 725mm.

In Singapore, according to a report on Yahoo, a scooter has to have an unladen maximum weight of 20kg, and its width must not exceed 700mm. Its maximum speed cannot exceed 25kmh.

The court heard that on 21 September 2019, Ong had been cycling at night near a coffee shop.

Meanwhile, Hung was riding his e-scooter along a cycling path on his way to met a friend.

As his device was technically illegal, he was prohibited from riding on the cycling path, which had a speed limit of 25kmh.

Hung was travelling above the speed limit and as he approached a junction, Ong rode her bicycle onto the path.

Even though Hung noticed Ong entering the cycling path, he was unable to stop his e-scooter in time to avoid a collision due to how fast he was travelling. 

The e-scooter collided with the front wheel of the bicycle, and Ong was flung from her bicycle and landed on the adjacent path.

 Ong sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, a skull fracture, as well as multiple rib and clavicular fractures. 

Ong succumbed to her injuries on 25 September 2019. Her death was certified to be from cranio-cerebral injuries with pneumonia.

Hung was found to have a fracture in his forearm. 

Forensic analysis determined that Ong was riding at a speed of between 6kmh and 10kmh right before the accident, while Hung's speed was between 27kmh and 43kmh. 

Prosecutors highlighted that Hung's was the first case where a e-scooter user caused the death of another person.

Hung faces a jail sentence of five years, or a fine, or both. He is due to be sentenced on 20 May.

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