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Two 16-year-old boys arrested by police in Australia after horrendous hit-and-run incidents saw two cyclists mown down

The separate incidents a short time and distance apart in Melbourne shook the Australian cycling community after footage was shared and prompted 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans to speak out about Australian drivers' "bad attitudes" towards cyclists...

Police in Melbourne have confirmed that two teenage boys have been arrested, and one of them charged, as the result of an investigation into two shocking hit-and-runs in the city last week, which happened a short time and distance apart and saw two cyclists mown down, footage of one incident apparently filmed from within the vehicle involved later uploaded to social media.

Both boys are 16, one expected to be charged over the alleged theft of a Holden Astra believed to be involved in the incidents, the other who was allegedly driving the stolen car charged with 14 offences, 9News reports. 

A statement from the local police department, which has been investigating since the hit-and-runs last week, confirmed: "Police will allege a Clyde North boy was driving the stolen vehicle when it struck the cyclists and failed to stop to render assistance.

"He was charged with 14 offences, including reckless conduct endangering life, intentionally cause serious injury, and drive in a manner dangerous. He was also charged over an alleged robbery at a shopping centre on the Nepean Highway, Cheltenham on January 26, as well as an alleged aggravated burglary in Bluegrass Close, Waterways, the following day."

Both cyclists were taken to hospital with serious injuries, including spinal fractures. The first collision happened just before 6am, as a 51-year-old cyclist was riding along Beach Road, the rider suffering spinal injuries and expected to need "lifelong" rehabilitation.

A short time later a 72-year-old cyclist was also hit by a driver of a vehicle who failed to stop. He remains in hospital with a fractured spine. 

Police then found a car a short distance away, with a smashed windscreen, that had allegedly been stolen a week earlier.

In the days after the incidents, 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans spoke out about what he said is a "lack awareness and concentration" and "bad attitudes" from drivers towards cyclists in his home country.

"I think attitudes and education is actually more important than infrastructure," he said. "Around the world you see varying attitudes towards that and I was kind of hoping that things in Australia were improving, but evidently not... so of course the [Melbourne hit-and-runs] are really disappointing in that regard."

The 46-year-old, who won the Tour while riding for BMC Racing Team, said he did not want people to be put off cycling because of fear caused by "people's bad attitudes". He also explained how he always felt safer cycling in Europe due to drivers' awareness and better attitudes towards cyclists. 

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The Giblet | 3 months ago

There is no local Police Department in Australia, it is Victoria Police in the state of Victoria. Police Departments are to my knowledge found in the USA.

Secret_squirrel replied to The Giblet | 3 months ago

The reference isnt capitalised.  Local police dept is perfectly correct.

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