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BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers



Not the cheapest option for keeping your feet warm, but they protect well above your ankles too
Reasonably warm
Good fit, with room to accommodate different shoes
Minimalist design
Ankle protection
Not much water resistance

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The BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers are a lightweight option for protection against the elements, with the added benefit of long ankle protectors, and – as the name says – no zips to worry about. Though not the outright warmest overshoes you can get, they still work for really cold days, but if it's wet as well then be aware that the so-called 'waterproof' NeoSkin doesn't offer much water resistance.

For more options to protect your feet from cold, wind and rain, check out our guide to the best cycling overshoes.

I prefer overshoes without zips – it's less to fiddle with, and less to go wrong. Plus, fewer seams. So, these UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers are right up my street, or my ankles, I should say.

Designed in The Netherlands and made in Cambodia, they're constructed of a fairly thin-feeling 3mm neoprene, with glued seams and NeoSkin protection, which seems to be a type of durable water repellent treatment.

They feature reinforced areas at the toe and heel section, a thick Velcro strap on the underside, and loops on the rear that allow you to attach a small clip-on light – a smart way of increasing your visibility at night.

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - heel detail.jpg

There's also a decent amount of reflectivity along the sides, incorporating the BBB logo.

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - reflective.jpg

They're available in six sizes, from 37/38 up to 47/48. I had the 45/46 on test and can confidently say they're true to size.

The party piece of these overshoes, in my mind, is the extra long ankle covers, which give you added protection, and warmth, right up to the bottom of your calves – depending on how long your legs are, of course. They also feel really snug, and were tight enough for even my skinny legs.

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - heels.jpg

Given the lack of zips, getting these overshoes on is a process that owners of Velotoze Silicone Shoe Covers will be familiar with. It goes like this: pull it onto your ankle first with your shoe off, then put your shoe on, pull the front and rear of the overshoe over your shoe, and finally fasten the Velcro underneath.

The difference here is that, unlike the Velotoze that shred themselves at the mere hint of tightness, the BBBs are a doddle to put on and take off. They're slightly more fiddly than a regular overshoe, simply because you can't leave them on the shoe after, but it's a small price to pay for not having zips to worry about, in my opinion.

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - side.jpg

I tried putting them over my Quoc Mono road shoes, and my Shimano MT07 gravel/mountain bike shoes. They fitted perfectly over the road shoes, as expected, and while I had reservations about them getting over the chunky MT07s (I've had issues fitting other overshoes on them), the material has plenty of stretch, and they fitted really well.

The only issue is with the location of the under strap, which unfortunately interfered with the SPDs, though in fairness, they're located all the way back. To get around this I simply tucked the straps inside the overshoes – an easy fix!

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - sole.jpg

Though they don't feel all that substantial, the overshoes worked really well in cold weather, keeping my feet fairly comfortable down to about freezing when combined with a thick pair of winter socks and deep winter tights. The lack of seams combined with the long ankle cuffs means there's no way for wind to get in.

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - cuff gripper.jpg

I suffer with very cold extremities, so some people might be able to use these comfortably down to even colder temperatures (BBB says -5°C). I also wore them up to around 10°C with lighter winter socks and my feet were warm, with only a very small amount of clamminess on the inside.

As for weather protection, the NeoSkin outer offers some protection against the elements, but not a lot. You'll get about 10 minutes' grace in moderate rainfall before water starts to seep in. They're perfectly adequate for fending off road spray for longer rides, however.

2023 BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers - toe detail.jpg

After several months of testing, they're also faring well, with no signs of wear or tear, though I would want to report back after a couple of winters to be sure. Overall, they feel really well made.


These are quality overshoes with a thoughtful design and, waterproofing aside, an almost ideal winter option. In my mind, all this makes the £65.96 asking price pretty reasonable, though there are cheaper options: Dexshell's Heavy Duty Overshoes do the job pretty well, and are £42, up from £37 when Stu reviewed them last year.

I've had success with dhb's Extreme Weather Neoprene Overshoes, which offer a similar level of warmth, though the ankle cuffs are much shorter, and while they do have zips I've had no issues with them. They're just £38, and on offer at a mere £20 right now.

If you want even more protection, and even longer ankle cuffs, and you don't mind funny looks, the Spatz Roadman 3 Super-Thermo Hi-Viz Reflective Overshoes with Kevlar are worth considering. They're even more expensive, a pretty pricey £94.99, though are currently on sale at £66.49.


The BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers are a great winter option for keeping your feet warm and reasonably dry, unless the heavens really open. They're well made, the fit is great, and the long ankle cuffs are a nice touch, adding to the overall snug feel, and the lack of zips is a bonus.


Not the cheapest option for keeping your feet warm, but they protect well above your ankles too test report

Make and model: BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers

Size tested: 45/46

Tell us what the product is for

BBB says, "Cold feet can be quite miserable, but wet feet can really ruin your ride. The UltraWear Zipperless ext. is here to solve those problems. The glued seams, Neoprene, and NeoSkin materials provide waterproof and insulating protection for your feet. Besides, the special zipperless design allows perfect closure around your calves without causing uncomfortable thick parts. The ultimate shoe cover for comfort on the bike."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

BBB lists:

The zipless overshoe for really cold days

Made of thick neoprene with Neoskin for the best protection against rain and cold

With glued seams and no zipper, all weak points of these shoe covers are eliminated.

Reinforced parts on the heel and the nose of the shoe cover

Reflective print elements on the side of the shoe cover

Note! Put on these overshoes before putting on your cycling shoes. Like the example in the video.

Rate the product for quality of construction:

They look pretty well made.

Rate the product for performance:

They kept my feet comfortable down to about zero, which is pretty impressive given their relatively thin 3mm neoprene. Waterproofing wasn't quite as impressive, but this is a common problem with neoprene overshoes.

Rate the product for durability:

No issues in a few months of testing, but I would like to see how they look after a couple of winters.

Rate the product for fit:

A snug fit with road shoes, and they also fitted my chunky mountain bike shoes. They're snug on my skinny ankles, though I am confident they would easily stretch to suit larger legs.

Rate the product for sizing:

Spot on. I'm a 46 and the 45/46 was perfect.

Rate the product for weight:

Reasonably light for winter overshoes with long ankle cuffs.

Rate the product for comfort:

They feel great.

Rate the product for value:

Not the cheapest, but plenty of features help justify the price.

How easy is the product to care for? How did it respond to being washed?

Just rinse to remove the dirt and air dry. They still look fresh after a few months of testing.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

They kept my feet warm down to zero, though the waterproofing is only good for light road spray.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The long ankle cuffs.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product


How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

They're a fair bit more than Dexshell's Heavy Duty Overshoes and dhb's Extreme Weather Neoprene Overshoes, both of which offer decent winter performance, but £30 cheaper than the Spatz Roadman 3 Super-Thermo Hi-Viz Reflective Overshoes with Kevlar.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

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Great for keeping your feet (and ankles) warm in winter weather down to around freezing, though you'll need some proper waterproof overshoes if you plan to ride in heavy rain.

Overall rating: 7/10

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