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Galibier Flanders Winter Hat



Not as warm as some, but a great fit that means it can be layered for deep winter use
Very stretchy, should fit most heads
Not bulky, easily fits under a helmet
Not expensive
Not as warm as some

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The Galibier Flanders Winter Hat is its take on the iconic Belgian-style winter cap. It's low on bulk and high on stretch, which makes it comfortable to wear under a helmet and should fit most heads, though it's not as warm as some.

The difference between a skull cap and a Belgian-style winter cap is that the latter has a peak and drops down low at the back to fully cover your ears and most of the neck too. This makes it a good option in Belgian-type weather: any combination of rain, wind, sleet and snow.

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This Galibier hat is made from seven panels of double-layer, thin, lightly brushed SuperRoubaix Lycra; the label says 85% polyamide, 15% elastane. Those seven panels are flatlock stitched together, which makes for a comfortable under-helmet feel. I didn't notice any ridges digging in, even on all-day rides.

2022 Galibier Flanders Winter Hat - seam.jpg

The fabric is soft and stretchy, making this hat lovely to wear and meaning it should fit most heads – it comes in one size (fits all). And one colour, for that matter.

The peak is a jolly useful thing to keep the worst of the weather off your glasses. It flips up and down nicely and stays in the position you want it.

2022 Galibier Flanders Winter Hat - peak.jpg

In use

Headwear and temperature is such a personal thing; some people can't stand to wear anything other than a regular cycling cap under their helmet, while others (read: me) will not think twice about wearing more than one skull cap when the thermometer gets in the low single digits.

Galibier bill this hat as 'protecting you from the winter elements' and 'perfect for frosty riding days'.

I don't have any hair on top and I don't like a cold head, and for me this hat is not warm enough for deep winter riding. The fabric isn't windproof, nor is it water repellent. It's not claimed to be, but those are features I look for, for deep winter riding

I did wear it on frosty days – with a windproof skull cap on top, which is actually not a bad way to use this winter hat. Layering it like this gives you temperature regulating options when it warms up a bit – you can take the windproofing layer off and still retain some warmth, and the peak. You don't get this option with warmer, windproof Belgium hats.

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I do own one of those full-fat Belgium hats, but have found myself favouring the layering option since reviewing this hat.

So, while for me it's not quite warm enough on its own in winter, it has become a favourite winter riding accessory.


Typically for Galibier, the hat is well priced at £17.30 – that's good value for a Belgian style winter hat. You can easily pay £15 and more for a regular cycling cap.

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Lusso's Repel Belgium Hat – a warmer, full-fat windproof and water-repellent option – is slightly more expensive at £19.99, but Monton's Fourth Field Ear Protection Cap, which looks similar in terms of features, is now £36, and Castelli's Difesa Thermal Cap, which also looks comparable, is now £38. Stolen Goat's Mekon Belgian Winter Cap, made from Windtex, which Stu liked when he reviewed it last year, is £35.


Galibier's Flanders hat isn't quite warm enough for me for riding in deep winter on its own, but I do run towards the colder end, so it might be warm enough for you. And even if it isn't, I found it jolly nice to wear as part of a layering system. At £17.30, it's the cheapest Belgian-style hat we've reviewed in the last few years, too.


Not as warm as some, but a great fit that means it can be layered for deep winter use test report

Make and model: Galibier Flanders Winter Hat

Size tested: One size

Tell us what the product is for

Galibier says: 'A Classic, Belgian-style Winter Hat has been designed to keep you protected from the Winter elements.

'Belgian cycling caps and hats have an iconic style, look and feel; but we have evolved the 'on-the-bike' function, by the use of modern, high-performance fabrics, this cap fits neatly under your helmet.

'As per the classic style of the Belgian cycling cap, this has a fold-down panel that covers the FULL ears and neck, perfect for frosty riding days. The Soft feel cap has a great combination of durability, insulation and comfortable 7-panel design.

'This one size fits most, cap comes in black with embroidered logo on the peak and natural cotton internal headband.

'Simply two layers of thin, SuperRoubaix lightly brushed lycra.'

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Galibier lists:

Multiple panel design

Embroidered Lettering

Flat 6 needle stitching

Soft lining

Ribbed knitted rear flap

Can be worn under your helmet

Made in Italy

The Roubaix fabric is manufactured by MITI, 85% polyamide – 15% elastane

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Rate the product for performance:
Rate the product for durability:
Rate the product for fit:
Rate the product for sizing:
Rate the product for comfort:
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How easy is the product to care for? How did it respond to being washed?

I just bunged it in with the rest of the washing; it looks as good as new after half a dozen washes.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

As mentioned in the review, for me personally this is more of an autumn/spring hat than a deep winter one, but I accept that this is dependent on how hot you run. As an under-helmet extra warmth layer, it works very well.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

It's not bulky and the peak is useful.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

It could be warmer.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

It's the cheapest comparable Belgium style hat we've reviewed in the last few years, and is not actually that much more expensive than a regular cycling cap.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

It's good: it's not quite warm enough for me on its own for riding in deep winter, but I do run towards the colder end, and even so, I found it good to wear as part of a layering system. At £17.30, it's also good value.

Overall rating: 7/10

About the tester

Age: 44  Height: 1.78m  Weight: 77kg

I usually ride: All of them!  My best bike is: Ribble Endurance SL disc

I've been riding for: Over 20 years  I ride: Most days  I would class myself as: Expert

I regularly do the following types of riding: cyclo cross, commuting, touring, club rides, mtb, Zwift

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RoubaixCube | 2 years ago

Ordered myself one as it was cheaper than the PEdALED alternative from Condorcycles by about £13 Probably not as warm as the PEdALED as the PEdALED is a made of merino wool but I think i'll be fine between 4-10'c. Apart from a summer cap and a sealskins one for wet weather. I dont have anything that covers 4-10'c with a peak to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I have the Condor winter cap - its great but its a bit too warm for current London temperatures.

RoubaixCube replied to RoubaixCube | 2 years ago

Well, Mine has arrived. Not a whole lot to complain about other than it doesnt completely cover my ears when i got my headphones on but that is a 'ME' problem.

I would have been completely happy to pay a few quid more if they had double-layered it completely, added a windproof panel to the front and some reflective detailing to make it a sort of intermediate hat between a lightly insulated hat a and a full on deep winter belgium hat.

Not been out with it on yet as its a rest day but the stitching on the hat is absolutely immaculate and as a first time Galibier customer, im pretty impressed.

ejocs | 2 years ago

So "not as warm as some" is listed as a con and is presumably the basis for knocking the hat down to 3.5 stars (since no other negatives are mentioned anywhere), yet its lack of (excess) warmth is noted as a positive in the review since it allows for layering and better all-day temperature management. Indeed, the reviewer even notes that this hat has changed his approach to cold weather head protection, causing him leave his warmer hats unused, so how does it get such a low score?

Personally I like to wear a lightish hat similar to this, plus a light balaclava (to add some warmth and seal all the gaps around ears and neck) that can be pulled down or off when I warm up. Works fantastically.

Iwein Dekoninck replied to ejocs | 2 years ago

I judged it against what Galibier says it is. They bill it as a Belgium style hat for deep winter riding. As it is not waterproof, or windproof, and it's not warm enough for deep winter temperatures, it scores 3.5 stars. 

As you gathered from the review though, I do very much like this hat. It just does not fit Galibier's description.

ejocs replied to Iwein Dekoninck | 2 years ago

In general I agree that a mismatch between the description and the actual product can be a valid basis for criticism. In this case, however, I don't see it.

First, the only reference to "deep" winter riding is your own (both in the review itself and in the comment down here). I've gone to Galibier's website and don't find a single reference to "deep" or anything similar. So on that basis you've knocked the product down based on an alleged mismatch with a description you made up yourself.

And in any event, the review clearly indicates that this hat *is* appropriate for deep winter riding because it layers so nicely. Would it make sense to knock down a baselayer (or jersey or jacket) just because it can't be worn on its own in deep winter conditions? Granted, this hat isn't advertised as a layer, but then it's also not advertised in any other way that would make me think it could be worn on its own in deep winter conditions.

So based on what I see here (I've never used this hat or any other Galibier product), it seems to me that this hat is appropriate for both the actual advertised use case (winter riding, worn on its own) and the made-up use case (deep winter riding, worn as part of a layering system). Add in the simple good looks and great value for money, and I don't know what else could be asked of a product like this.

mdavidford replied to ejocs | 2 years ago

Guess it depends on your definition of the word 'deep' - "perfect for frosty riding days" suggests it's good for at least some sub-zero temperatures, and Iwein seems to be suggesting it's not.

ejocs replied to mdavidford | 2 years ago
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I greatly envy anyone whose deep winter riding can be described as merely "frosty". But regardless, the reviewer indicates that the hat is not only good but superior for such riding:

I do own one of those full-fat Belgium hats, but have found myself favouring the layering option since reviewing this hat.

So, while for me it's not quite warm enough on its own in winter, it has become a favourite winter riding accessory.

That "on its own" seems to be doing a heroic amount of heavy lifting. Just about nothing else we wear for cycling in winter gets worn on its own, so why should a hat be any different? And again, as the reviewer conceded, hats that *are* warm enough to be worn on their own are inferior to a layering system based around this lighter hat. And yet, because it's allegedly not warm enough to wear on its own (for someone who admits to running unusually cold on top), it's not a winter hat and so gets knocked down harshly.

Chris Hayes replied to ejocs | 2 years ago

Try the Assos Fuguhelm (if you can get one).  Stupid name (which seems par for the course), but it's made of light materials, fits well and comfortably under a helmet which is a massive plus - and is warm, without being oppressively so. 

OnYerBike replied to ejocs | 2 years ago

The word "deep" might not have come directly from Galibier's own copy, but they do describe it as a "Belgian-style Winter Hat" which, to my mind, is pretty much synonymous. 

Freddy56 replied to Iwein Dekoninck | 2 years ago
1 like

I love mine. It is the only one I have found to give ear protection and I can still hear the traffic for my commute. Bought in Septeember and used daily down to -5 under my helmet. I have tried load of Belgian style (NOT flanders Galibier!) and the thicker hats you just sweat too much in while riding. Perhaps the tester has just used them for walking about

huntswheelers | 2 years ago

its a 5 star from me......  perfect cap/ear cover.... super for low sun 

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