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Eurobike 2017 First Look Faves Gallery... Colnago, Bianchi, Scott, Merida, Garmin and more

Some standout bikes and products from the first day of the world's biggest bike show

We've just dashed around the crammed halls of Eurobike to bring you some first look faves from Scott, Colnago, Bianchi, Garmin, De Rosa, Merida and many more top bike brands in the huge gallery above these words - just swipe left or right to browse the many photos. 

We've just scratched the surface of this huge show, we'll be bringing you more highlights during the week as well as more in-depth features on the key new products being launched at the show. So stay tuned to for more daily updates. 

scott foil disc eurobike 20174.jpg

Scott is the latest bike brand to launch a disc-equipped aero road bike, with the new Foil Disc being unveiled today at Eurobike. It looks like the regular Foil but the frame and fork have been completely redesigned around the change of braking system, with aero tabs on the fork dropouts of the “disc-optimed fork” to smooth airflow around the disc brake caliper - Pinarello also added tabs, though not at large as this, to its latest Dogma F10 with claims of improved aerodynamics. This could be an emerging trend in the aero road bike category.

scott foil disc eurobike 20173.jpg

Scott reckons disc brakes are more than just added safety, it reckons they also “provide a new way to win seconds and as a result, more possibilities to decide a race” since the “superior control of disc brakes allows riders to trust their bike in all weather conditions and more importantly the possibility to keep their speed until the last possible moment.

scott foil disc eurobike 20171.jpg

There are 12mm thru-axles but with a 25mm diameter head to provide more contact surface area between the frame and the axle. Of course the frame has been shaped to reduce drag. The head tube has been designed to work well in low yaw angle wing, with additional carbon in the leading edge.

scott foil disc dropout_.jpg

Scott has also embraced Shimano’s new direct mount rear derailleur option, already a common sight on mountain bikes and a new option on Dura-Ace R9100, but so far we’ve seen few bike brands designing their frames around it. That’ll change for 2018, but the dropout is backwards compatible with traditional derailleurs.

garin edge 1030 1.jpg

Here's the new Garmin Edge 1030 and you can read all about it in our first look article here. It's got a bigger screen and battery and lots of extra navigation and connectivity features over the previous Edge 1000.

lauf true grit3.jpg

Here’s the all-new Lauf True Grit. The Icelandic company shocked some parts of the cycling community with its bold fork which uses fibre glass springs to provide a small amount of front suspension with no moving parts or much weight penalty over a normal carbon rigid fork, and it’s followed up with its very first frame. Made from carbon fibre and provided massive 45mm tyre clearance, disc brakes and thru-axles...

lauf true grit2.jpg the coolest bike detail we’ve yet seen at the show, an integrated bottle opener on the redundant front mech clamp.


Stages launched the new Power LR dual-sided power meter a couple of days ago and it's on show at Eurobike. It'll be available in autumn we're told, looking forward to testing it. 


The driveside power meter is neatly integrated into the Shimano chainset, pictured here on an Ultegra chainet, Dura-Ace options are available too. 

merida eurobike 2017 5.jpg

Gold anyone? This is Merida's tribute to the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia earlier this year. Actual gold leaf has been laid over the paint - can't imagine how much it would have cost to produce. Any guesses?

merida eurobike 2017 4.jpg

Should Nibali need reminding of the task at hand and the esteemed company he’s in as a Giro winner, the names of all past champions are inscribed onto the frame of the bike, with stars indicating how many victories each rider notched up.  

merida eurobike 2017 2.jpg

A possible contender for the best paint job of Eurobike is this Merida Reacto Ltd, created to celebrate the UCI Road World Championships next month in Norway. The design takes inspiration from the famous northern lights, the Aurora Borealis.

sram steel show bike 5.jpg

Spotted this lovely looking Victoire on the SRAM stand, decked out with, yes you get it, lots of SRAM and Zipp parts.

sram steel show bike 4.jpg

It's a Reynolds 853 frame with a matching steel fork with some distinctive cowled dropouts, eyelets for attaching everything bar the kitchen sink, and a proper lovely paint job.

sram steel show bike 1.jpg

Here are those dropouts. Neat huh?

merida silex eurobike 20173.jpg

Merida has joined the cool kids in the gravel and adventure bike world with the new Silex, and keen to demonstrate its bikepacking credentials, they had one kitted out with packs. The Silex has a very tall head tube for a more relaxed ride position, disc brakes, wide tyres and is available in carbon and aluminium versions. 

merida silex eurobike 20176.jpg

And here's the Silex with an aluminium frame and carbon fork. Merida is usually pretty good on pricing and while we don't know the UK price yet, €1,249 is probably fairly close to what this particular model will cost when it arrives in your nearest Merida deal

merida silex eurobike 20174.jpg

Lots of eyelets for attaching mudguards and racks and a number of 1x11 drivetrain options in the range.

colnago eurobike 2017 19.jpg

You can always rely on Colnago to rock up to the show with some beautiful bikes. What's that in the background?

colnago eurobike 2017 18.jpg

Only a C60 in classic Mapei team colours. Take my damn credit card Colnago!

colnago eurobike 2017 12.jpg

To more pressing news, and here's the brand new V2-r aero road bike with disc brakes. 

colnago eurobike 2017 7.jpg

My favourite detail on the V2-r Disc is this crease in the top of the down tube. 

colnago eurobike 2017 5.jpg

One of the most famous logos in cycling?

colnago eurobike 2017 6.jpg

Colnago is still using the Hexlock thru-axle system it developed with suspension company Manitou. It's similar to the Focus Rapid Axle Technology in that you part twist the skewer into the opposing dropout before pushing close the lever. It speeds up wheel removal quite a bit.

colnago eurobike 2017 4.jpg

The Concept, launched this time last year, is Colnago's most aerodynamic road bike. And this year it gets a disc brake makeover, joining a rapidly growing list of disc-equipped aero road bikes. 

de rosa2.jpg

The Protos is Italian brand De Rosa’s flagship carbon race bike, and it’s now available with the option of disc brakes. De Rosa has opted for 12mm thru-axles with flush endcaps requiring an Allen key for wheel removal, and flat mount calipers. The pictured bike is wearing the new Campagnolo hydraulic disc brakes with Super Record levers and derailleurs.

de rosa protos-3.jpg

The Protos has some aerodynamic influences in the shape of the head tube and seat tube, and there’s this one-piece handlebar.

de rosa1.jpg

Grip tape has been fitted to the front of the seatpost to prevent slippage with the internal seat clamp.

de rosa protos.jpg

For comparison, here’s the regular rim brake Protos. The frame is claimed to weight about 720g, some 20% lighter than the previous version, thanks to a refined carbon fibre layup utilising ultra-high modulus fibres. The giant downtube remains a key feature of this bike - it’s probably the largest downtube of any road bike I’ve ever seen - and should ensure maximum stiffness for the most powerful sprinters.

de rosa10.jpg

A couple of years ago (it might have been last year fact fans?) De Rosa collaborated with legendary design firm Pininfarina to develop the latest version of its Super King road bike and called it the SK Pininfarina. And it’s now available with disc brakes.

de rosa7.jpg

This is the company’s dedicated aero bike and as you can see the tube shapes are all designed to smooth airflow over and around the wheels, hence the seat tube hugging the rear wheel. 

de rosa5.jpg

There’s a one-piece handlebar and the gear cables are routed into the top tube of the frame, while the rear brake hose goes inside the downtube and the front brake hose is routed inside the new fork. As with the Protos Disc, the SK uses 12mm thru-axles and flat mount disc brakes.

diamondback eurobike 20173.jpg

If you want a radical looking bike, look no further than the triathlon category, which is increasingly moving away from the constrictions of the UCI’s rules concerning tube diameters and fairings. This DiamondBack on SRAM’s stand has few challenges for the title of the most striking bike of the show award. Disc brakes and a downtube that wraps around the front wheel almost to the point of scraping along the road, and no seatstays to further reduce drag and weight.

diamondback eurobike 20171.jpg

Is it a step too far? Let us know what you think in the comments below...

scott plasma .jpg

More conventional is the Scott Plasma with optional log distance triathlon and Ironman food and water storage modules.



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