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CeramicSpeed’s UFO Drip Chain Coating “generates less friction than any other lube”

Chain coating claimed to improve drivetrain efficiency and last 200km between applications

CeramicSpeed has set its stall on producing drivetrain products that can improve efficiency and decrease friction to help you go faster, and its latest product is UFO Drip Chain Coating, which it claims “initiates a drivetrain efficiency revolution”.

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It’s not calling this new product a chain lube or oil, but a chain coating, which it reckons is an entirely new category of product. The UFO Drip Chain Coating is applied as a liquid form which then hardens to a 100% dry coating, which does sound very much like a regular dry lube to us. The product has been through 4,000 hours of lab and field testing and the result is a product that the company claims generate less friction than any other lube on the market.

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The idea for the bottle chain coating came off the back of the UFO Racing Chain, developed by Jason Smith of Friction Facts (an independent friction lab acquired by CeramicSpeed in 2016). This was a chain with a factory-applied coating that was claimed to be the fastest bicycle chain in the world. 

UFO Drip Chain Coating is that factory process bottled. It offers the convenience of a drip application with a completely dry chain coating. CeramicSpeed claims it lasts a minimum of 200km between application which is highly impressive. But it's the claims for reduced friction and efficiency that are the most impressive. 

In its own pre-ride lab tests, CeramicSpeed says the UFO Chain Drip Coating produces an efficiency of 3.78W. That compared to the next best of 4.51W with Squirt lube, 6.05W for Finish Line Ceramic Wet and 6.25W for Muc-Off Hydrodynamic.

Interestingly, CeramicSpeed claims a chain with this new coating actually gets more efficient after 90 minutes of riding, dropping to 3.62W compared to friction increases from the other chain products it tested.

It also adds that it offers 46% decreased drivetrain wear compared to wet lubes because since it’s a dry lube it won’t attract dirt and grime. The formula consists of 10 ingredients and goes on easily as a liquid before drying to leave a completely dry coating.

“UFO Drip Chain Coating is a breakthrough product. It began as a project with very specific goals, which at its core, share the same DNA that defines the rest of CeramicSpeed’s exceptional product line: visionary ambition, research-based precision testing, and premium quality,’ says Jason Smith, Chief Technology Officer at CeramicSpeed.

“CeramicSpeed HQ is in Denmark so we ride a lot in the winter,” says Martin Banke. “Mainly cyclocross, and in all sorts of conditions, including clay and mud. It was really special to see how UFO Chain Drip Coating performed in the Danish winter. None of the nasty stuff stock and the chain continued to look as if it was almost out of the box.”

That there sounds like the holy grail for cyclists determined to ride and race through the winter in all conditions, and while the claims do indeed sound very lofty, we’ll look forward to seeing how it fares once we get our hands on a test sample. Of course, such high tech developments don’t come cheap, and a 180ml bottle will cost £70. More at

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