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When goes slightly off-road: 9 products added to Recommends from Castelli, Enigma, Lauf, Yamaha, Santini + more

This off-roady edition is packed with titanium bikes and other goodness that has received high praise in recent reviews

Welcome to the first post-Awards edition of Recommends in 2024, where we unveil the month's top-reviewed cycling gear and award them with the prestigious Recommends badge. In this off-roady edition, we're diving into the world of titanium bikes and other cycling gems that have left our reviewers impressed. Scroll down to find out what we liked about each of the products that is up for an award this month, or click below for the full review. 




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Fearless Bikes Vulture Titanium frameset

2023 Fearless Vulture Titanium Frameset Hero

Pat has been rattling along the Southwestern gravel paths with this titanium gravel beast that is the Fearless Bikes Vulture, concluding that it's a very comfortable gravel bike. Titanium frames often claim to be just that, and turns out that this holds true with this bike, thanks to its slightly slacker geometry and taller front end.

It delivers excitement on the rough stuff especially if you like your technical trails to go down – and with clearance for 2.4in tyres you can really equip this bike for any sort of expedition. Overall, it's just a really fun bike with more than one trick up its sleeve.

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Enigma Edge Frameset

2023 Enigma Edge.jpg

Another titanium gravel frameset! Whereas the Vulture got praise for its capability, Enigma's Edge is an elegant-looking gravel machine suitable for a little tamer gravel. Stu was very impressed by this bike's great performance and balanced geometry which made it a joy to ride on any kind of surface.

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The Edge is also available in loads of build options, which gives it a little edge over some of its rival titanium gravel bikes… 

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Yamaha Crosscore RC

Yamaha CrossCore RC on a road

Leaving the titanium gravel bikes behind (quite literally on any uphills) is the Yamaha Crosscore RC. This is an e-bike from the brand that most of us likely associate with burly motorbikes, and the decades-long experience of making fast engines is clearly paying dividends, as the brand is very capable with e-bike motors too.

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The CrossCore RC is primarily an urban e-bike, but it can be so much more. Rebecca said its mid-drive motor and excellent battery life make it a great e-bike for commutes but also some leisurely treks. 

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Lauf Úthald

2024 Lauf Uthald - riding 5.jpg

Last but not least when it comes to bikes we've rated highly in January is the new kid on the block, Lauf's Uthald. The name, translating to 'endurance' in Icelandic, is a very appropriate title for this bike that Dave has concluded is hard to fault, and has a lot to recommend. 

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Santini Adapt Multi Jacket

Santini Adapt Multi - Jacket

"A very lightweight jacket that can be worn in atrocious conditions" is how Stu concluded the review of this winter cycling jacket. Whether any of us want to ever head out for a ride in atrocious conditions that it will perform well in is another question altogether, but if you do then the Adapt Multi's highly waterproof, thermally insulating and breathable materials will come in handy. Though this is not the heaviest jacket, paired with the right baselayer the season can be extended into the winter months. 

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Castelli Entrata Bibtight

Castelli Entrata Bibtight

The Castelli Entrata bib tights impressed us with their no-nonsense nature - they're warm, comfortable and have a high-quality chamois, but at a lower cost than many other premium bib tights. Even if this pair doesn't utilise cutting-edge technologies, they're still impressive in performance, fit and comfort for rides on all but the very coldest winter days.

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Galibier Liberté Insulated Packable Jacket

2023 Galibier Liberte Insulated Packable Jacket.jpg

The Galibier Liberté Insulated Packable Jacket doesn't really look like a cycling jacket at first glance, and that is part of its appeal. It's padded with Primaloft-like insulation and a water-repellent finish and all that only sets you back £82, making this a relatively inexpensive investment. It's got zipped pockets, a stashable hood, a dropped tail and reflective details for cycling practicality and safety. 

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Seido Stage front rack

2023 Seido Stage front rack

Whether you want to be your own life pizza courier or load up your bike for a bikepacking experience, the Seido Stage front rack is a handy solution. It's easy to assemble and fit, although you do need mid-fork mounts for attaching it, but after that you're all good to go!

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Raceware Apple Airtag Holder

2024 Raceware Apple Airtag Holder and Airtag.JPG

The RaceWare Apple AirTag Holder is a tidy solution if you use a Specialized Swat-compatible saddle. In essence, this wee thing holds an Apple Airtag and attaches to the bottom of your saddle, where it stays discreetly tracking all of your whereabouts. 

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