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Are these the world's most expensive mudguards? No. 22’s titanium mudguards are being sold for over £800

Raw, one-colour anodised, fade anodised or polished? You can choose the finish of these mudguards that are made from a single sheet of titanium... and for that price it's just as well

The No. 22 Bicycle Company is selling its full-length titanium polished mudguards for road and gravel riding for a staggering $1,100 (~£814). If a raw finish is what you’re after that’s a little cheaper at a mere $900 (~£665).


The American brand is known for its custom titanium bikes, and also produces a small range of titanium accessories including a titanium-bodied Silca Impero Frame pump ($399, or around £295) and a titanium seatpost topper. 

It’s now ventured into premium mudguards which are available in both road and gravel widths: the road version will fit most 28mm tyres, and the gravel ones most 35mm tyres. 

Rolled from a single sheet of titanium with clean edges on all sides, No. 22 promises its offering is incredibly strong and light; although the brand doesn’t provide details on the weight on its website. 


They’re also undeniably beautiful, with each width available in a range of finishes: raw ($900, ~£665), one-colour anodised ($1,000, ~£740), fade anodised ($1,100, ~£814), or high polish ($1,100, £814).

Mudguards are usually a practical purchase for a winter warrior. Fitting them is an easy way to make riding through grim weather a lot more pleasant for you and your riding buddies. But with an increasing number of bikes now with mounts and clearance for full-length mudguards, is this just the beginning of stylish premium guards? 

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Previously the most expensive full-length option we’ve rated highly are the Kinesis Fend Off Full Metal mudguards, which have a RRP of just £55. This means that in terms of sheer expensiveness, No. 22's guards are considerably more off-the-scale than the Silca Sicuro Cerakote Titanium bottle cage that caused a bit of a stir in our reviews section recently. The £90 price tag makes it just 30% more than the next-dearest bottle cage we've ever reviewed, which gives you an idea of how ultra premium No. 22'S new mudguards are. 

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How much would you be happy to spend on mudguards that match the style of your bike?

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Blackthorne | 2 years ago

That's a stupendously beautiful bike. But my relationship with mudguards is they are something to be tolerated not loved. They will get banged up. They will be dirty. They slow you down by their mere existence. They will be removed as soon as the rainy season ends. Thus a polished titanium is an impractical extravagance for those who simply cannot be content with having components for the common man or woman. 

peted76 | 2 years ago
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Well if money were no object, why the hell not.

the infamous grouse | 2 years ago

for that sort of money i'd hope they could produce a constant clearance distance, which going by the pics doesn't seem to be the case.

I love my bike replied to the infamous grouse | 2 years ago
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No mudflaps either & I wonder what happened to the pedals? Taken  in part-exchange?

Global Nomad | 2 years ago
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You could buy a whole bike for that...or a car....ha ha

nniff | 2 years ago

My winter/commuter bike has mudguards that match the style of the bike - experienced (verging on distressed) and filthy

bobbinogs | 2 years ago

Well, it's a lovely lovely lovely mudguard set.  Price is a relative thing.  There's a titanium corkscrew (Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew) that costs $71k, so on that basis a mere grand for these things of beauty seems positively cheap!

GMBasix | 2 years ago

Why, yes please!

I'll have some for my mountain bike, too(!)  Please just staple the receipt to my forehead.

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