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Brompton shaves weight from the Superlight folder… and renames it P Line

London brand say updated model is faster to ride, lighter to carry, and easier to move around the city

Brompton has given its Superlight folding bike a new titanium rear frame and a compact gearing system… oh, and it’s now called the P Line.

The Superlight was introduced in 2005 as the lightweight option in Brompton’s range – the clue’s in the name! As well as being a benefit out on the road, light weight can be especially valuable when a folding bike has to be carried.

Now Brompton has evolved the Superlight into the P Line.

2021 Brompton P Line - 4.jpeg

“Featuring an entirely new titanium rear frame and lightweight componentry, the meticulously engineered Brompton P Line weighs just 9.65kg, nearly 2kg less than the Brompton C Line model, delivering lightweight performance, folded and unfolded,” says Brompton.

2021 Brompton P Line - 6.jpeg

The titanium rear frame and forks are said to be 700g lighter than Brompton’s all-steel equivalent while being just as strong.

“The naturally shock-absorbing titanium smooths out city roads and the redesigned suspension block maximises efficiency and responsiveness by shifting pedal power to improve control and handling performance,” says Brompton.

2021 Brompton P Line - 5.jpeg

The new dual-locking seatpost system has two positions, fully down for storing or halfway up for rolling. The rolling wheels are larger (54mm) and lighter than previously.

2021 Brompton P Line - 7.jpeg

“The patent-pending gearset is fine-tuned for city riding,” says Brompton. “The 4-speed system includes a 60g derailleur, cleverly engineered to fit inside the compact fold and providing a similar ratio to the 3-speed hub gear and 60% more than the 2-speed.”

You get 11, 13, 15 and 18-tooth sprockets and the choice of either a 50T or a 54T chainring.

The wheelset is new too. Brompton says that it’s the brand’s lightest, sturdiest ever and that it features a new rear hub designed to accommodate the 4-speed gearset.

2021 Brompton P Line - 2.jpeg

The new Brompton P Line launches today and is available in Storm Grey and Midnight Black finishes from and accredited retailers. It is priced at £2,100.

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Secret_squirrel | 2 years ago

It's a shame they didn't decide to make the main frame Ti too for maximum bling. You can already get them on Ali.

Chris Hayes | 2 years ago

Given that the Ti rear triangle is in constant contact with a rubber bumper / shock absorber screwed to the frame, I doubt that anyone can credibly attest to its 'natural shock-absorbing ability' compared to the normal steel one.  Utter nonsense.  

Secret_squirrel | 2 years ago

Interesting.  This appears to be Bromptoms first ever proper derailleur bike as opposed to the iffy 2 speed version.

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