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Coming soon: Recommends awards 2021/22

Starting next week, we'll reveal the best bikes, components, accessories, and clothing that we’ve reviewed over the past year

Starting on Monday 10th January 2022, we’ll present the inaugural Recommends Awards and reveal the very best bikes, components, accessories, and clothing that we’ve reviewed over the past few months.

We’ve given out annual awards for many years but things are different this time because we introduced Recommends in 2021. If you don’t know about Recommends, where the hell have you been?

Every month we pick the best products that we’ve reviewed and add them to Recommends. We don’t simply select stuff that’s scored well, but those items that stand out as special. Every product that we review is eligible for inclusion in Recommends, but few are exceptional enough to be chosen for our showcase of specialness.

Now we’ve been back to Recommends, scrutinised every product again, and chosen the best of the best for our awards. We’re talking about first-rate products here – the finest that we’ve seen over recent months – so you’ll have no doubt about where you should be spending your money if you want to get your hands on the most impressive bikes and cycling products out there.

We're giving out three different types of awards:

  • Bargain Buy This goes to the product that we feel gives the best value for money.
  • Money No Object We take the price out of the equation for this one; it’s all about the performance.
  • Editor’s Choice This award is won by the product that gives the best combination of performance and value for money.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Monday 10th January Recommends Components of the Year 2021/22
  • Tuesday 11th January Recommends Accessories of the Year 2021/22
  • Wednesday 12th January Recommends Clothing of the Year 2021/22
  • Thursday 13th January Recommends Bikes of the Year 2021/22: gravel/adventure bikes, urban bikes and e-bikes
  • Friday 14th January Recommends Bikes of the Year 2021/22: road bikes
  • Monday 17th January Recommends Tech Innovation of the Year 2021/22
  • Tuesday 18th January Recommends Bargain Buys of the Year 2021/22

Tune in from Monday and all will be revealed.

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