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Angle grinders? Pah! Has Hiplok invented the ultimate bike lock system? Plus tech news from Zwift, Trek, Shimano, Northwave, Ass Savers and more

Check out shoes designed to increase your power, a beautiful new steel road bike, the action camera that’s set to challenge Insta360, and “the biggest cycling esports competition ever”

We have another jam-packed edition of Tech of the Week for you, including the Zwift Games planned for next year, Northwave’s high-tech new shoes, an action cam that’s set to take on Insta360, and a “game-changing” pannier rack – but we’re starting with Hiplok’s new system that’s designed to protect your bike from thieves with angle grinders…

Has Hiplok invented the ultimate bike home security system?

Has Hiplok developed the ultimate security system for protecting your bike at home? The UK brand has just unveiled its 1000 Series of products designed to safeguard bikes and motorcycles even from thieves armed with angle grinders.

2023 Hiplok 1000 Series - 2

It’s a couple of years since Hiplok launched its D-1000 D-lock as the “world’s first truly portable bike lock to resist angle-grinder attacks”; now it is offering “the world's first anti-angle grinder anchors” and a D-lock engineered for larger framed bikes and motorcycles through crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

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Other brands also offer locks that are said to be resistant to attack from angle grinders. When Litelok launched its X range of D-locks last year, for example, it said they offered “unparalleled resistance to angle grinders”.

2023 Hiplok AX1000 anchor - 1 (1)

Back to Hiplok, though, and first up there’s the AX1000, which the company calls “the ultimate anti-angle grinder anchor system”. It’s designed to be mounted to the floor or wall, inside or outside, by eight expansion bolts. It features a pivoting, rotating arm, the idea being to eliminate the need for a chain when securing your bike at home.

2023 Hiplok A1000 anchor - 1 (2)

The Hiplok A1000 is a more compact anti-angle grinder anchor that features a rotating base but no pivoting arm. It’s primarily designed for wall installation.

2023 Hiplok DX1000 lock - 1

Finally, there’s the DX1000 D-lock which is the big brother of the existing D1000, developed for larger-framed bikes and motorcycles. The DX1000 has an internal locking area of 210mm x 112mm, compared with 55mm x 92mm for the D1000.

2023 Hiplok 1000 Series - 4

It weighs 2.6kg so it’s pretty hefty if you were considering carrying it around on the bike, but in terms of security, Hiplok says, “DX1000 offers formidable resistance to angle grinder attacks compared to standard D-locks. Its robust construction includes graphene composite material technology and a square-profile premium hardened steel core shielded by a durable rubberised outer surface.”

All three come with a Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond rating

As mentioned, Hiplok is launching its new range on Kickstarter – which is where the D1000 was first available.

You currently need to pledge at least £245 to be in line for an AX1000 anchor, £210 for the DX1000 D-lock, and £315 for the A1000 Anti-Angle Grinder Anchor and DX1000 Anti-Angle Grinder Lock together (there’s no option for the A1000 separately). These prices are 30% below the future RRPs.

We always point out that pledging money on a crowdfunding site isn’t the same as buying through a retailer. Hiplok has already smashed its funding target, and delivery is expected to begin in April 2024.

Find out more here 

Zwift announces Zwift Games: “the biggest cycling esports competition ever”

Online fitness platform Zwift says that it is “set to redefine and amplify cycling esports” with the launch of Zwift Games in 2024. The new multi-format competition is open to all esports cyclists and aims to break participation records.

2024 Zwift Games - 1

Zwift says, “Set to become the largest cycling esports event ever held, the Zwift Games are designed to give any cyclist the chance to enjoy fun and challenging virtual competition and to compete alongside thousands of other Zwifters. 

“The Zwift Games are open to all, providing an open qualification pathway to the Zwift Games Elite Finals and the chance to be crowned overall Zwift Games Champion.”

Qualification races are scheduled for late February 2024 with Zwift Games Elite Finals in March. The Zwift Games will crown men’s and women’s winners across three medal disciplines – the Sprint Championship, the Epic Championship, and the Hill Climb Championship – as well as overall male and female champions. Winners will also get a share of Zwift’s biggest-ever prize purse. Race distances will be equal for men and women, and prize money will be split equally. 

You can take part in the Zwift Games without competing for the overall crown by entering community events linked to each Championship.

Further details – including the exact dates, formats, and prize purse distribution – will be shared in December.

Find out more here 

Aeroe launches “game-changer” Spider Pannier Rack for commutes 

Aeroe has released a new Spider Pannier Rack for commuting that, it says, will work with bags from any brand. This will sit in the range alongside the brilliant Aeroe Spider Rear Rack – our man Mike Stead loved it – that’s designed for carrying heavy loads on rough terrain.

2023 Aeroe Spider Pannier Rack - 2

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“The Spider Pannier Rack has all of the cutting-edge functionality of the award-winning Spider Rear Rack with the ability to accept any brand of pannier bags so commuters can take the fun way to work,” says Aeroe.

“As everyday commuters will know, most pannier carriers only carry their own specific bags, making mixing and matching gear near impossible. [Our] new rack makes this a thing of the past while being robust enough to take anywhere, whether that’s dropping down a staircase for a shortcut to work or for use in off-road adventures.”

2023 Aeroe Spider Pannier Rack - 1

The system attaches to a bike’s seatstays and is easily adjusted so that it sits level. The lack of any connection to the seatpost means it can be used alongside small frames, full-suspension systems, and dropper posts.

The Aeroe Spider Pannier Rack is £135. 

Find out more here 

Temple Cycles launches Road 2 steel road bike

Temple Cycles Road 21

Bristol-based Temple Cycles has released Temple Road 2 – inspired by the classic club rider's bike - a performance steel road bike that's designed to combine traditional aesthetics with modern features. It also comes at a more affordable price point than the Road 1 model (judging by the press shot you certainly get a lot of seatpost for your money). 

With a Reynolds 853 steel frame and forks and internal cable routing, the Road 2 comes equipped with a Shimano 105 12-speed groupset, mostly Temple finishing kit, and Hunt Four Season All Road wheels.

Temple Cycles Road 22

The bike is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, and prices start at £2,995.

Find out more here

Northwave says new Veloce Extreme shoes will increase your watts by 4%. No, really

Northwave says its new top-of-the-range Veloce Extreme shoes – apparently developed with help from road/track racer and hour record holder Filippo Ganna – “increase maximum power output by 4%” compared with the brand’s previous design. 4%? That’s a huuuuge claim.

2023 Northwave Veloce Extreme shoes - 2

“The Powershape HT sole is made from 100% unidirectional carbon,” says Northwave. “The exclusive High Tail structure features an asymmetrical design to allow the heel to find its natural position in the shoe and to support the inside of the foot. The patented Powershape system for the arch guarantees extra support and comfort.

“The Veloce Extreme’s Powershape HT sole leads to a significant increase in the minimum internal rotation of the foot during pedalling. This aspect reduces its overall rotation, thus optimising pressure on the pedal and reducing movement in the ankle’s frontal plane.

2023 Northwave Veloce Extreme shoes - 1

“Compared to the [existing] Powershape sole, the Powershape HT increases stability by 9%, reduces perceived effort by 15% (measured by rate of perceived exertion) and above all, increases maximum power output by 4%. In short, less effort and more power.”

We’ve not laid our hands on these shoes, never mind worn them, so we can’t comment on performance. We can tell you that Northwave claims a weight of 590g for a pair (size 42) and the price is £359.99.

Find out more here

Café du Cycliste joins the upcycling party

If you're on the lookout for Christmas presents, Café du Cycliste has joined the likes of Rapha and MAAP in offering clothing cut from excess fabrics. Its upcycled caps are made from unused jersey and bib shorts fabrics from last year’s spring/summer range.

2023 Cafe du Cycliste Upcycling caps - 2

There are three cap styles: Janina, cut from Laureline Red Panther, a gravel jersey; Aldona, made from Atelier bib shorts; and Regina, cut from Lara Jersey fabric.

2023 Cafe du Cycliste Upcycling caps - 1

Each cap features fasteners, webbing and details from the original designs and is priced at €65.

Find out more here 

Is this ACFlow Snap 360 action camera going to challenge Insta360? 

ACFlow Snap action camera 360 modular 2024 1

ACFlow  say they aim to revolutionise the action camera sector with the Snap, an all-in-one modular camera. The brand claims that Snap is the world's first 360 camera featuring replaceable lenses. Users can apparently swap the outer lenses in just two minutes, reducing environmental impact and expense in the process. 

The Kickstarter campaign for the camera should launch next week, so if you think this is something you want to keep an eye on, you can sign up for updates. 

There are three lens modules available – and if you get one scratched you can replace it. The 360° Panoramic Lens comes with 5.7K 30 FPS video quality, dual sensors and 72-megapixel capacity. The 4K wide-angle lens is equipped with Sony's 48MP image sensor and is capable of capturing 4K 60 FPS videos.

In addition to the 360° and 4K lenses, the Snap can also take a C-mount Lens module, which allows you to use it for photos with a 26mm F/2.8, 40mm F/2(SE), 50mm F/2.8, or 18-140mm F/3.5-6.3 lens. 

ACFlow Snap action camera 360 modular 2024 2

The Snap comes with its own proprietary stitching algorithm (the thing that makes the video 360°). ACFlow says "there will be no more stitching flaws" with it, and is IPX4 splash-proof, which means that it will not be your companion for underwater shoots. 

As standard, the Snap comes with a four-microphone setup and a 1900mAH removable battery, and there is a whole host of accessories available for it, too. The pricing of the camera isn't clear at this stage; all we can tell is that you get $270 off if you reserve one. And if you want to see what it's up against check out our recent video review of the Insta360 X3.

Find out more here

Ass Savers introduces Win Wing 2 – including an all-black version


Ass Savers has unveiled the Win Wing 2, building on the success of last year's road-spray-defying Win Wing fender. The new iteration boasts a reinforced wishbone frame that's designed to increase durability and includes polyurethane stickers to protect your frame. Responding to user feedback, the Win Wing is now also available in Stealth, an all-black version.

2023 Ass Savers Win Wing 2 - 1

The updated version is available in Road and Gravel sizes, accommodating tyres up to 60mm wide and costs €27 (around £24).

Find out more here

Check out this stunner from Trek and Shimano

Trek has unveiled a gorgeous* one-of-a-kind Checkpoint SLR gravel bike with Shimano to mark the Japanese brand’s United in Gravel campaign.

2023 Trek Shimano United in Gravel - 1 (1)

United in Gravel? It’s Shimano’s “call to everyone, from any level, to go out and enjoy life in the saddle”. Seems like a good idea, and in the spirit of unity there'll be no crank-based gags here thank you very much.

This bespoke Checkpoint isn’t available to buy; we just thought you might like to see it. You can create your own unique bike through Trek’s Project One programme.

*Okay, looks are subjective and some might say it looks like no-one could decide what colour to paint it, but they're philistines.

Find out more here

In case you missed it earlier in the week…

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Robert Hardy | 8 months ago

For peddle cycles used for actual travel, bike weight plus lock weight necessary to keep it modestly secure is approximately a constant.

wycombewheeler | 8 months ago

"clothing cut from excess fabrics

Each cap features fasteners, webbing and details from the original designs and is priced at €65."


peted76 | 8 months ago
1 like

I've heard that just being in the presence of pair of Northwaves' new Veloce Extreme shoes can bring you better health and increases your libido by 29%. Apparently the scientists at Northwave are curretly testing the theory of de-aging as one client reported looking 20 years younger after slipping a pair on and going for a spin around the block. 

Sredlums | 8 months ago

Since when are U-locks called D-locks?

Also, if that ground/wall lock is indeed so strong, I'm affraid thieves will resort to taking a crowbar and force the whole damn thing out of the ground/wall.

Rendel Harris replied to Sredlums | 8 months ago

Sredlums wrote:

Since when are U-locks called D-locks?

Also, if that ground/wall lock is indeed so strong, I'm affraid thieves will resort to taking a crowbar and force the whole damn thing out of the ground/wall.

You're American aren't you? This type of lock has been called both D-lock and U-lock in the UK for as long as I can remember, and I remember when the first Kryptonite locks started appearing over here...either term makes sense, they're a U when separated and a D when locked.

If you take enough care cementing the anchor into the ground you can make it pretty much impossible to get out without a pneumatic drill (jackhammer to you!); my concern is always, as has happened to a couple of friends, one with their motorcycle and the other with a bicycle, that when the bastards find they can't break the lock they'll just vandalise the bike with their angle grinder or other tools out of spite. That or just chop through the frame to take it away and dismantle it for parts at their leisure elsewhere.

Sredlums replied to Rendel Harris | 8 months ago

Hi! I'm actually from The Netherlands  1
We call it a 'beugelslot' over here, where 'slot' is Dutch for 'lock', and 'beugel' translates in to something like a 'clamp' or a 'bow'.

Maybe this was simply the first time I noticed it being called differently, but I know these locks to be called 'U-lock' in general.

By the way, a 'pneumatic drill' is called a 'drilboor' over here, which is kinda funny, as 'boor' is actually the Dutch word for 'drill', and 'dril' is an old Dutch word for 'shaking'.
'Drilpudding' is the jelly kind of pudding you put on a plate and is all wobbly.

Rendel Harris replied to Sredlums | 8 months ago

Sredlums wrote:

Hi! I'm actually from The Netherlands  1

Apologies - take the mistake as a compliment to your excellent English!

andystow replied to Sredlums | 8 months ago
Sredlums wrote:

Since when are U-locks called D-locks?

It just depends how you hold it.

wycombewheeler replied to Sredlums | 8 months ago

since they first came out.

A U lock sounds like a D lock with the linking bar missing, hard to secure anything on that basis. D makes much more sense. 

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