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TECH NEWS recommends updated with 16 great products including bikes from Specialized and Orro, bling from Campagnolo and Black Inc + much more

The top-scoring cycling product reviews handpicked by us for July 2023, featuring bikes, components, accessories, and more to elevate your riding experience Recommends has been updated once again, and in July a whopping 16 products have been added to our ever-growing list of the best products we've reviewed. We’ve got plenty of top-scoring bikes, components and accessories, and you can either click straight through to the comprehensive review from the list below, or scroll down for a more visual representation of each product. 

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Orro Terra Ti GRX800 Tailormade
Specialized Allez Sport 2023
Ampler Curt 11 speed
Trek Fuel EXe 9.5
Surge Traveler P5e

Components and accessories:

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheelset
Black Inc Integrated Aero Barstem
Post Carry Co Mini Handlebar Bag
Igaro S1 Pro

Saddles and helmets:

ISM PR 1.0 saddle
Prologo Dimension AGX 143 T4.0

Cycling clothing and helmets:

Kostüme Unisex Arm Warmers
Lusso Perform Carbon Bib Shorts
Santini Eco Sleek Bengal Jersey
Castelli Endurance Women's Jersey

Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet

Starting off with the bikes that scored the top marks in July, and there’s plenty!
The Orro Terra Ti GRX800 Tailormade is a stunning titanium gravel bike with a high-quality finish, offering a comfortable ride and plenty of attention to detail - and the adjustable fork rake allows it to transition from gravel to road easily.

2023 Orro Terra Ti GRX800 Tailormade - riding 3.jpg

If road is more your jam, the Specialized Allez Sport 2023 is a versatile road bike with flattering handling and a comfortable ride, offering a well-balanced geometry and a decent spec for the price.

2023 Specialized Allez Sport - riding 3.jpg

In addition to the two manual-pedal bikes, three e-bikes have earned the coveted recommends badge. The Ampler Curt 11-speed stands out as a lightweight and efficient electric gravel-styled bike, perfect for both commuting and adventurous rides.

Ampler Curt 11 speed (2).JPG

Another standout performer is the Trek Fuel EXe 9.5, an electric mountain bike that impresses with its natural-feeling TQ-HPR50 motor system and agile, lively frame. Its great connectivity with apps and cycling computers adds to the overall experience.

For those in search of a versatile folding e-bike, the Surge Traveler P5e fits the bill perfectly. Equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, Enviolo Trekking stepless gears, and a sturdy frame, it promises high performance and practicality.

2023 Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheelset - rear wheel.jpg

A bike isn't anything without good components, and the Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheelset is perhaps the best you can get in terms of wheels. It's an expensive yet incredibly well-constructed and efficient wheelset that delivers outstanding performance, striking a balance between weight and aerodynamics, making it a superb choice for high-level racers.

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Igaro S1 Pro - ports.jpg

The Igaro S1 Pro is a highly dependable dynamo USB charger with two super-capacitors for stable charging, intelligent light detection, and waterproofing. Although expensive, it offers excellent performance and creates additional space on the handlebars for accessories.

2023 Black INC Integrated Aero Barstem - top.jpg

The Black Inc Integrated Aero Barstem is a highly rated integrated aero cockpit designed for road and gravel use, offering excellent comfort, vibration damping and multiple hand positions, but comes at a high price.

2023 Post Carry Co Mini Handlebar Bag-4

The Post Carry Co Mini Handlebar Bag is a small handlebar bag with 1.5 litres of carrying capacity, easy to attach, and great for long rides or winter miles. 

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Continuing on the components and parts theme, we've added a few great saddles added to Recommends. The Prologo Dimension AGX 143 T4.0 saddle is a versatile and comfortable option suitable for both road and off-road riding, featuring supportive padding, a curved upper, and a large central cut-out for blood flow.

Prologo Dimension AGX 143 T4.0

The ISM PR 1.0 saddle is a performance recreation saddle with a split nose design, offering excellent support, comfort, and pressure relief for racers and recreational cyclists alike.

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ISM PR 1.0 saddle

We've also tested lots of riding kit, for various conditions - and not forgetting helmets. The Kostüme Unisex Arm Warmers got a high score because they're a premium and environmentally conscious choice, featuring a bespoke feel, excellent construction and thoughtful design, making them a great addition to your cycling wardrobe if the price is not a concern.

Kostüme Unisex Arm Warmers

The Lusso Perform Carbon Bib Shorts are understated yet smart, great value and perform extremely well, with recycled materials throughout, comfortable straps and pads ideal for longer rides, and reflective hems for added visibility in low light.

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The Santini Eco Sleek Bengal Jersey is a classy, comfortable, and eco-friendly jersey made from recycled materials, featuring an excellent fit and classic look that impressed both the reviewer and their mother.

Castelli Endurance Women's Jersey

The Castelli Endurance Women's Jersey is a comfortable, breathable, and top-performing warm-weather jersey with a relaxed fit and subtle styling that makes it versatile for various types of rides.

Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet

Last but not least, we have the Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet which is a very comfortable and well-ventilated helmet with a striking design, offering excellent aerodynamics and safety with the Mips Air system.

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