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La Passione launches Commuter collection with stylish parkas and insulated jackets

New versatile layers for men and women are designed to be functional on the bike and look "impeccable" off

La Passione has launched its first Commuter collection with casual and functional garments for those on the move in the city, braving all weather conditions. La Passione says all the details of its commuter layers have been carefully studied to simplify urban travel of all kinds and to be "impeccable" even when out of the saddle.

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2021 La Passione Commuter -12

The new Parka and Insulated jackets are available in Blue or Stone Grey for men, and Cherry Red or Sand for women. 

Commuter Parka (£218)

The Parka is designed to keep you warm and protected from the wind or rain, and is made with a two-layer stretch nylon fabric.

La Passione Parka_Cherry_Red_Woman

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The top layer includes a front slit to allow you to get on the saddle easily and ride comfortably, while the hood is integrated directly into the neck and is removable thanks to a zipper.

2021 La Passione Commuter -100

“Its particular and essential design makes it suitable to be worn under a helmet, without compromising the comfort of the garment, and ensures high protection thanks to the practical integrated visor,” adds La Passione.

The rear reflex zipper is designed to guarantee freedom of movement while also increasing visibility for rides that start or end in low light conditions. 

2021 La Passione Commuter -11

The length of the sleeve is specially designed to fit properly even in a cycling position, says La Passione, while the elasticated cuff offers additional protection from the wind on the back of the hand. 

2021 La Passione Commuter -14

Ripstop lined side pockets are finished with a double closure flap, and a central zipper equipped with a windbreak flap with snap buttons. 

Commuter Insulated Jacket, £170

La Passione Insulated_Jacket_Blue_Navy

Then there’s the Insulated Jacket, combining a warm microfibre with an opaque two-layer stretch fabric. “The combination of these two materials with the internal ripstop lining, creates an important twin deck effect, fundamental for the regulation of body temperature,” explains La Passione.

The jacket is similarly equipped with a hood integrated into the neck that’s removable with a zipper and can be worn comfortably under the helmet, as well as inserts in the stretch fabric which are positioned in the areas subject to the most pressure.

Does La Passione hit the right balance between style and function? We’ve asked for some to review so we can find out… 

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Roulereo | 2 years ago

Kudos to these guys for doing something innovative with design, it's almost like their designers ride bikes. I have a pair of La Passione nicks and can vouch for their quality, have used weekly for 3-4 months so far and are bearing up ok too. 

Freddy56 | 2 years ago

Nice detail on the cuff, Hope it gets tested to see if it has durability.

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