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Orro reveals 2021 Venturi range with fully internal routing

British brand gives its aero road bikes integrated cabling and compatibility with loads of different components

Orro has given its Venturi aero road bike a new front end for 2021, with all the gear cables and brake hoses now being routed internally. The design is versatile enough to allow use with a vast number of different components.

2021 Orro Venturi STC frameset red - 1.jpg

The Venturi was already an exceptionally good bike. When Stu reviewed the 2020 model, he said, "Orro has quite simply nailed it with the Venturi Ultegra Di2 Wind 400. Comfort, speed, handling, feedback and stiffness – you can have it all. And the icing on the cake? It's a looker too!"

Read our review of the Orro Venturi Ultegra Di2 Wind 400 2020

Although the cables and hoses ran mainly internally, they were external between the handlebar and the down tube and fork crown. The cycling world has now decided that fully internal cable routing is the way forward – especially on aero bikes – and Orro has obliged with a very neat design. 

Some bikes with fully internal cable routing are designed with specific handlebar/stems in mind, but Orro gives you loads of versatility, allowing you to swap neatly between a whole lot of different components.

2021 Orro Venturi STC Shimano Ultegra - 3.jpg

This model, for example, uses FSA/Vision's ACR (Aero Cable Routing) system which has been around for about 18 months now (you can just about make out a white FSA logo which will be black on final versions of this bike). Various ACR components are available – both separate handlebars and stems, and combined bar/stems (like the Metron 5D ACR Integrated). 

2021 Orro Venturi STC Shimano Ultegra - 7.jpg

This video shows all you need to know about how ACR works.

Standard versions of the Venturi use the FSA ACR system but Tailor Made models are fitted with a handlebar and stem from BlkTec and a Token Cable Box headset system (below). 

2021 Orro Venturi STC SRAM Blktec - 3.jpg

The hoses are routed through the stem, then into two-part interlocking headset spacers, and then through a compression ring with multiple access ports. Again, it's easiest if you just watch the video...

Although none of the new models use it, the frame is also compatible with Deda's new DCR system (below), which is a different design, although it does essentially the same thing.

Plus, you could use a standard handlebar and stem with a system like this  (below).

2021 Orro - 1 (1)

The cables run externally from the end of the handlebar tape to the specially designed Token headset bearing cover, where they duck inside. It's not as neat as a fully internal system but, on the other hand, there's less cable showing than on a more traditional setup.

2021 Orro Venturi headset - 1.jpg

All of this is possible because Orro has switched to 1 1/2 inch headset bearings at both the top and bottom of the head tube, so there's more space to play with inside. The increased diameter is also intended to increase stiffness (we've not yet ridden the updated Venturi so we can't comment on the performance).

Why might you want to choose between different internal cable routing systems? FSA's ACR components have a -6° stem angle, for example, but if that isn't what you want, you could go for a Deda's Vinci DCR system and a -17° stem for a totally different setup.

Like Orro's Gold STC, the Venturi frame uses spread tow carbon from Sigmatex for stiffness and lightness (get details on spread tow carbon here). 

The distinctive weave is visible on the top tube here...

2021 Orro Venturi STC Shimano Ultegra - 4.jpg

And on the inside of the chainstays here...

2021 Orro Venturi STC frameset red - 4.jpg


Orro has always paid huge attention to finishes, and that remains the case; they are excellent across the whole range. 

2021 Orro Venturi STC Ultegra - 1.jpg

The Orro Venturi is available in stealth black with iridescent decals (the main pic at top of the page), gloss black with gold decals (above), and red with silver decals (below, and higher up the page).

2021 Orro Venturi STC frameset red - 3.jpg

The iridescent decals are apparently very difficult to get right. It's also hard to get the iridescence across in a photograph, but you can just about get the idea in the pic below – the colour changes when seen from different angles. Well, you know what iridescent means! There's a whole lot of sparkle in those decals.

2021 Orro Venturi STC SRAM Blktec - 5.jpg

The Orro logos have now migrated from the top and bottom of the down tube to a more conventional position on the sides, a change that was introduced to the Gold STC last year.

2021 Orro Venturi STC Shimano Ultegra - 8.jpg

There's even a little logo on the back of the integrated fork crown of the Venturi that's only visible when you turn the wheel. It's a cool detail


The 2021 Orro Venturi will be available in several standard options, including SRAM builds for the first time.

Here they are in ascending price order:

• Venturi STC Ultegra Racing 400 £2,699.99
• Venturi STC Campagnolo Chorus £3,399.99
• Venturi STC Ultegra Di2 Racing 400 £3,499.99
• Venturi STC Ultegra Tailor Made £3,599.99
• Venturi STC Ultegra Di2 Tailor Made £4,399.99
• Venturi STC SRAM Force AXS Tailor Made £4,599.99
• Venturi STC Campagnolo Super Record EPS Tailor Made £5,999.99
• Venturi STC SRAM Red eTap AXS Tailor Made £6,499.99

Stock should be in the UK from early September.

Get more info on the entire Orro Venturi range at

Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mat has been technical editor for over a decade, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now over 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

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eddnshoulders | 3 years ago

Such versatility in the headset, such a great frame character, comparatively good value, UK made, UK suppliers...... and BB86, possibly the least versatile and most restrictive BB standard.

Why, oh why, do frame manufacturers still use this when BB386EVO removes the restrictions for 30mm axles without the weight penalty of a bonded in metal shell!? Time will tell if 29mm DUB BBs are sufficiently durable in BB86, but speaking as a mechanical engineer, it's not likely.

We cyclists like versatility in what we can fit to our bikes. Any restriction of versatility needs a good reason.

Gd29 | 3 years ago

No mention on this article or the orro site about availability as frameset only. Any word from orro?

Also quick question on weight. Whilst this isn't aimed at hill climbers, I thought the 7.99kg for the Lrg sized Orro Venturi .... 2020 that tested was a tad more than I expected (maybe just than I dreamed).
Any changes in design to maintain the praised stiffness, that perhaps offset some grams and also the added ACR bits and larger headset?

eddnshoulders replied to Gd29 | 3 years ago

Dealers have apparently been told no frameset for the 2021 bikes due to the large number of build configurations being offered. Shame and a big mistake, imho.

muhasib | 3 years ago

It says the carbon fibre comes from Runcorn so does it go out to the Far East for moulding or within the UK?

Secret_squirrel | 3 years ago

Why oh why is Force AXS so pricey  2

STiG911 | 3 years ago

When I was based in an office (remember those?) near More London, I used to go and drool at the Orro selection in On Your Bike, under London Bridge in my lunch break.

Gorgeous bits of kit.

Toffee | 3 years ago

I have to say, I prefer the white paint of the current model, but the Venturi continues to be a gorgeous bike, and I just want an excuse to buy one. It's agonising.

60kg lean keen ... replied to Toffee | 3 years ago

SRAM Force AXS Tailor Made in Red and silver for Me. Such a nice bike!

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