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Want the “fastest socks on the planet”? They’re yours for €1,000 + more tech news from Campagnolo, Rapha, Van Nicholas...

Check out all the week’s top bike and product news from some of the biggest brands in cycling

We have loads of top tech news for you this week, including updated bikes from Van Nicholas and Cotic, Campagnolo's famous corkscrew, and a massively successful bike lights campaign on Kickstarter, but we're starting with what are described as the “fastest socks on the planet”.

Want the “fastest socks on the planet”? They’re yours for €1,000

Dutch brand Sockeloen will sell you a pair of cycling socks that it claims are “the fastest on the planet”… but they’ll cost you €1,000 (around £880).

2022 Sockeloen Fastest Sock on the Planet - 1

The Fastest Sock On The Planet – that’s the model name – can be custom made for each cyclist (although far cheaper off-the-shelf versions are available too; more on those in a mo).

“The sock is measured according to the size of your foot, the length and the diameter of your calf,” says Sockeloen. “This allows you to make a sock that fits perfectly, falls within the UCI rules and never slips. In addition, we help you determine the right material based on the speed and temperature in which you want to perform.”

Sockeloen says that not every material is suitable for every temperature, and that its wind tunnel tests have found the fastest material at every speed.

Speaking of wind tunnel testing, you can download a report on the aerodynamic performance analysis of various aero socks undertaken for Sockeloen earlier this year

According to the results, Sockeloen’s Ribbel (which means ‘ridged’) socks require 4.2W less power to maintain a speed of 40km/h (25mph) when compared to the slowest aero socks tested. We reckon that equates to a time saving of about 9 seconds over a 10-mile time trial.

However, compared with the AGU and Nopinz Flow socks tested, that advantage drops to around 1W, equating to a time saving of about 2.5 seconds over a 10-mile time trial.

2022 Sockeloen Fastest Sock on the Planet - 3

The results say that at higher speeds the gap between the Sockoleon socks and their competitors increases. This could explain why they’ve been spotted on the feet of various pro riders over the past couple of years, including Mathieu van der Poel.

It’s only Sockeloen’s custom-made Fastest Sock On The Planet that’s stratospherically expensive. An off-the-shelf pair – again, available in various materials best-suited to different speeds – is €44.95 (around £39.50).

We’re indebted to CyclingTips for picking up coverage of Sockeleon’s socks first. 

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Van Nicholas updates Ventus and Yukon bikes

Titanium specialist Van Nicholas has added Shimano Di2 electronic shifting as an option on its Ventus road bike and given its Yukon Disc touring bike a special frame designed for a 14-speed Rohloff system.

2022 Van Nicholas Ventus Shimano Ultegra Di2 12-spd

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The Ventus is the entry-level racer in the Van Nicholas road bike range and Stu called it “a real joy to ride” when he reviewed it last year.

The latest technology to find its way to the Ventus is electronic shifting, Van Nicholas offering Shimano Di2 in its 105 (€3,499, around £3,130) Ultegra (€4,199, around £4,760) and Dura-Ace (€5,899, around £5,280) flavours.

2022 Van Nicholas Yukon Disc Rohloff Titanium

The Ventus Di2 will be available from November.

The Yukon Disc was developed to be a super-light touring bike that would also perform as a the fast daily commuter, and there’s now a version designed specifically to accommodate a 14-speed Rohloff internally geared rear hub.

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A simple twist-click controller can be configured with regular flat handlebars, or with the VNT (Van Nicholas Technologies) proprietary Rohloff-specific drop handlebars, and cable routing is internal until just before the bottom bracket.

The Yukon Disc Rohloff will be available from December at prices from €5,499 (around £4,920).

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Campagnolo Big Corkscrew gets L’Eroica makeover

2022 Campagnolo Big corkscrew L'Eroica - 1

The famous Campagnolo Big Corkscrew, a staple of cycling-themed gift guides for donkey's years, is now available in a limited edition to mark the 25th anniversary of L’Eroica. The original version of the vintage cycle event – it has spawned various others internationally – takes place in the province of Siena, Italy, this weekend.

2022 Campagnolo Big corkscrew L'Eroica - 2

Only 50 are available worldwide, each costing €199 (around £178).

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De Marchi offers Selle Royal-Alan team replica jersey

Speaking of vintage, De Marchi and Selle Royal have introduced a limited-edition replica of the jersey worn by the Selle Royal-Alan team in 1977.

2022 De Marchi Selle Royal-Alan team replica jersey - 1

The jersey is a merino wool blend with mother of pearl buttons, machine-embroidered logos and lettering in chain stitch. Only 100 of these jerseys have been made. They’re priced €180 (around £160).

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Cotic announces Escapade in Reynolds 853 steel

British brand Cotic has announced a new version of its Escapade all-road/light gravel/do-it-all bike made with a Reynolds 853 front triangle rather than the usual steel blend. This isn’t a permanent change; only one batch is being made.

2022 Cotic Escapade Reynolds 853 - 1

“I originally designed the Escapade to be a tough, disc road bike with big clearances because roads are potholed and rough, and proper brakes are just better,” says Cotic’s Cy Turner. “Gravel just kind of happened to the Escapade, as it was already there with room for 650x47 and 700x42.

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“We have refined the idea and geometry through five generations, adding features and improving usability, but ultimately it's the same as it's always been; the super versatile drop bar bike that fits into your life as you need it to.

2022 Cotic Escapade Reynolds 853 - 2

“All the other features the Escapade is rightly praised for are present and correct: the engaging, energetic handling and ride character;the comfort for long distances on rough roads; the multiple bosses for anything from a straightforward single bottle and to luggage everywhere, and anything in between; Inside Out routing options for anything from easy-to-maintain full external, to full Di2 internal; and thru axles front and rear.”

The framesets are available in the two colours, Damson and Lichen, and they’re 70g lighter than the standard version of the Escapade.

2022 Cotic Escapade Reynolds 853 - 3

Framesets are available to order for £999 with first deliveries in mid-October.

If you want a complete bike, go through Cotic’s Your Bike Built For You to select the spec.

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Rapha unveils special edition kit in support of breast cancer research

2022 Rapha One More City collection - 1

Christine O’Connell, a cyclist who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, has teamed up with Rapha to produce a new One More City collection, all profits from the sales going towards funding research into advanced breast cancer led by The Institute of Cancer Research, London.

One More City Pro Team Training Jerseys (£95) are available for both men and women. The range also includes socks, a cap and a musette.

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Lumos smashes crowdfunding target for Firefly bike light system

Lumos has absolutely destroyed the Kickstarter funding target for its Firefly bike light system. When we checked with 16 days left to run, it had £864,061 in pledges – over 3,700% of its goal.

2022 Lumos Firefly - 1

> Check out Lumos' indicator helmet range 

Each Firefly carries red, yellow and white diodes so it can act as either a front, rear and/or turn signal light. It can also act as a brake light.

If you have more than one Firefly, you can synchronise the flashing, the idea being to make you more noticeable.

You need to pledge at least $38 (about £36) to be inline to receive a Lumos Firefly with a universal mount and a charging cradle. Various other packages are available.

Head over to the Lumos Firefly Kickstarter page for a video showing everything you need to know.

Find out more here 

BikeStow releases new Stance stand

BikeStow has released a new bike stand called the Stance that’s designed “for storing and displaying your nicest bike in your home, flat, or office”. 

2022 BikeStow Stance - 1

“The Stance is quickly and infinitely adjustable, meaning it will hold your bike as tight or as loose as you wish – looser if you want to get the bike in-and-out easier, and tighter if you prefer a more stable hold,” says BikeStow.

It can hold 20-29in wheels and tyres up to a whopping 4.8in (122mm) wide.

2022 BikeStow Stance - 2

The Stance is CNC routed from birch plywood before being hand-finished, and is priced at £69. We currently have one in for review here at

Find out more here 

In case you missed it earlier in the week…

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Rik Mayals unde... | 1 year ago

Wow, even the bedget off the shelf socks cost £40!! I'll stick to my current ones, thanks. 

Nice to see a mention for the Campag Big One. I've had mine for 25 years, it's beautifully crafted, sadly with almost all wines having screw caps now, it doesn't get the use it should. But it still has pride of place in the cupboard next to my Elite bottle cage wine carafe.

ktache replied to Rik Mayals underpants | 1 year ago

The carafe interests me, got any pictures?

Especially in cage.

Sriracha replied to ktache | 1 year ago
1 like

"Elite bottle cage wine carafe" piqued my interest too! I can't find one, and I'm pretty sure Elite wouldn't want to be seen promoting alcohol consumption on the road. So I wonder if he is referring to the item below - it mentions Chianti, and it's got a cork!

PRSboy replied to Rik Mayals underpants | 1 year ago

I have a Campag corkscrew too... its a lovely thing.  You should see the look on guests' faces when I show them how the corksrew represents a cyclist, with arms held aloft as they cross the line.  We've not had guests for a while, come to think of it.

mark1a | 1 year ago
1 like

Head of socks at Rapha now asking for someone to "hold my beer"

IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

I need 5 pairs for a week's commuting.

Do they do them in a multipack with days of the week on them?


hawkinspeter replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago
1 like

IanGlasgow wrote:

I need 5 pairs for a week's commuting.

Do they do them in a multipack with days of the week on them?

You might want to save some money and do fortnightly washing instead, so best go for 10 pairs.

ktache | 1 year ago
1 like

The firefly can be synced up over several riders.

hawkinspeter | 1 year ago

I think I'll stick with my current socks, thank you very much


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