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Rapha unveils "fastest jersey" it's ever produced as part of latest Pro Team collection

Refreshed Pro Team collection focuses on performance, sustainability and light weight – with new range topper said to deliver a 7.8 watt saving over other jerseys

Rapha has launched its latest Pro Team collection for 2024, and the headline act, the Pro Team Aero Jersey, claims to be the fastest jersey ever produced by Rapha. The new cycling jersey will, says Rapha, deliver "unrivalled aerodynamic performance", and comfort without forgetting versatility.

That's a lot of claims for a simple jersey, but it's actually been proven that cycling clothing can make you faster and aero kit does make a difference in real world conditions. Rapha has backed it all up with numbers, yes, their numbers, but to be fair to Rapha they're not simply plucking their claims from thin air.

According to the British brand's wind tunnel data, the Pro Team Aero Jersey offers an average saving of 7.8 watts across all tested speeds (32, 46 and 58kmh), and a 4-watt improvement compared to its predecessor at 46kmh (we've reviewed the previous version, too). Sure most of us probably only achieve speeds like those on descents, which none of us do in a wind tunnel… unless you've got access to a very special wind tunnel indeed, but hey, every watt matters when you want to drop your mates. Wearing slim clothing is also a much less eyebrow-raising way to be aero than say, wearing one of those ridiculous TT helmets... 

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Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey hero

The Pro Team Aero Jersey has been designed in collaboration with EF Pro Cycling and in addition to the wind tunnel tests, it's also, says Rapha, been proven fast in real-life race conditions. It's the very jersey Alison Jackson of EF Education-Cannondale wore during her victory at Paris-Roubaix Femmes in 2023, and it's also received praise from gravel champ Keegan Swenson, marginal gains and all that. 

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The advanced technologies the jersey boasts include what Rapha are claiming is a revolutionary sleeve and shoulder design, incorporating the company's proprietary Italian Clima fabric. This material is said to offer the ideal balance between stretch and compression, moulding to the rider's body to eliminate drag.

It's also made with the most breathable construction possible, and a low-cut collar and extended zip placket to prevent any rubbing. 

Other updates to the Pro Team collection

Pro Team Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey

In addition to the Pro Team Aero Jersey, Rapha has also introduced an updated Pro Team Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey and Pro Team Training Jersey for 2024. The Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey offers year-round versatility and layering options, while the Training Jersey is tailored for long training rides across three seasons and intensive sessions.

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Pro Team Aero Jersey

Both jerseys feature updated designs, low-profile waistband grippers, and refined collars for maximum comfort and performance. Made with "environmentally preferred" materials, these jerseys also aim to highlight Rapha's commitment to sustainability.

Availability and prices

The entire 2024 Pro Team collection is available starting from 5 March 2024. The jerseys are available in both women's and men's fits and prices are as follows:

Pro Team Aero Jersey - £185
Pro Team Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey - £130
Pro Team Training Jersey - £110

Find out more on Rapha's website

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marmotte27 | 1 month ago

When is this aero shithousery going to stop?
Whenever you think that we've finally touched rock bottom, they manage to dig a little deeper still...

levestane replied to marmotte27 | 1 month ago

"moulding to the rider's body to eliminate drag"

My lard-pack is going to look good in this!

don simon fbpe | 1 month ago


Pro Team Aero Jersey - £185
Pro Team Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey - £130
Pro Team Training Jersey - £110

john_smith replied to don simon fbpe | 1 month ago
1 like

So a decent crash in which you shred your pro team aero jersey and powerweave bib shorts could set you back over 500 quid.

don simon fbpe replied to john_smith | 1 month ago
1 like

Insure it.

andystow | 1 month ago

No stripe on the left sleeve? How will people tell how much money I spent from a long way off?

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