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Can you see yourself on one of these hand-painted Stella McCartney x Cannondale bikes? Plus Orbea’s revamped gravel bikes, DT Swiss’s updated wheels, new smart trainers, and a shedload of new clothing…

Catch up with all of this week’s big – and not so big – bike and equipment news

It has been another mega-busy week in the world of bike tech with Cannondale teaming up with fashion designer Stella McCartney, big launches from Orbea and DT Swiss, new direct-drive smart trainers, and a shedload of clothing released. Here are the highlights...

Cannondale teams up with Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney x Cannondale bikes - 18.jpeg

Cannondale has collaborated with fashion designer Stella McCartney on a series of 18 limited-edition SystemSix, SuperSix EVO and EVO CX bikes. Did you see that one coming? Thought not.

The bikes feature designs from three artists who are part of Stella McCartney’s A/W 2021 collection: Ed Cutis from London, Myfawnwy (Maisie Broome) from New York, and Tom Tosseyn from Antwerp.

Stella McCartney said, “As a lifelong cyclist and someone who rides their bicycle every day to work, I could not be more excited for my new shared journey with Cannondale. The bikes we have created embody our common values and vision – blending beauty and desirability with a sense of responsibility to the next generation.”

The bikes will be on display this month in Stella McCartney’s flagship stores in London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.

We think they look stunning.

Fancy rocking up to the local club run on one of these? Ah! We've got some bad news for you – they’re not for sale. Sorry about that, but you can save yourself a few quid by just looking through the gallery.

Get more details from Cannondale’s website.

Orbea totally redesigns Terra gravel bikes

2022 Orbea Terra  - 1 (1)

The week’s big bike launch came from Orbea, the brand changing pretty much everything about its Terra gravel range apart from the name.

The Terra has a new geometry aimed at adding comfort and more precise handling, internal cabling, storage space inside the down tube, and TONS of options for customisation. You can choose between different wheels, tyres, saddles, and handlebars, and select your own finish.

The Terra range includes 1x and 2x drivetrains, Shimano and SRAM groupsets, and Vittoria and Pirelli tyres. There’s loads going on here…

Read all about it here 

Wout van Aert sells biggest victories as NFTs

We're not sure if this really qualifies as bike tech but Wout van Aert is selling his three biggest wins as NFTs – non-fungible tokens. Essentially, you’ll get a cartoon Wout on an animated background that looks a bit like where each race was held.

If anyone knows why this is A Good Thing, please let us know in the comments below.

Fair play to the lad, though: great hair.

DT Swiss revamps ERC wheels for increased stability

2022 DT Swiss ERC ERC1400 CL45 ProductDetail Wheels  C .jpeg

DT Swiss updated its ERC endurance wheels in collaboration with aero specialists Swiss Side – the two brands have been having a love-in for a while now – offering new carbon rim profiles that are designed to offer improved crosswind stability and lower drag. The new wheels are wider than previously too, to support larger volume tyres.

DT Swiss has been busy in the wind tunnel and says that its data shows the new wheels kick the opposition’s arse… although it’ll be a cold day in hell when we’re sent graphs that suggest anything else.

Read all about it here 

Fancy Festka finish


A post shared by Festka (@festka)

This paintjob is pretty much the antithesis of the ‘less is more’ approach but we reckon it’s a winner. What do you think?

Albion announces Zoa tech clothing collection

Albion Zoa collection

British cycle clothing brand Albion has extended its range with a new Zoa collection of on/off the bike clothing that's made with Pertex technical fabrics and is suitable for multiple riding disciplines.

Zoa includes the first cycling products to use Pertex Shield Air, which is a highly breathable 3-layer waterproof fabric designed for intense activity. A hooded Rain Shell is £260.

Albion Zoa collection

Albion also recently introduced its first cold weather products for women, created with the British weather firmly in mind.

Read all about it here

Checkout Cybro’s super-lightweight city e-bike

This is one cool-looking bike for urban riding.

Tether device helps determine road safety

2021 Tether Product shot 4

A close pass-sensing and recording device called Tether has been launched on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. It projects a “safe zone” around the bike, as well as identifying 'safe' and unsafe' roads by recording and plotting close passes.

The sensors trigger a change in the projection when a car overtakes too closely, within 1.5m, and records the overtake distance.

Tether says it hopes this data can help identify safe and unsafe zones in cities to help you plan safer routes as well as create a more informed strategy for the rollout of cycling infrastructure. Clever stuff!

Read all about it here

New direct-drive smart trainers from Evans and CycPlus

2021 Evans Pinnacle HC Turbo home trainer

We’ve heard about two brand spanking new direct drive smart trainers this week, one from Evans Cycles and one from CycPlus.

Evans’ Pinnacle HC Turbo home trainer can simulate up to 2,500 watts and a maximum incline of 20%, and is said to “produce a sound similar in intensity to an electrical fan”.

2021 CycPlus T2 indoor trainer

The CycPlus T2, currently on Indiegogo, can be used with or without an external power source.

Both use ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, so you can use them with popular training software like Zwift and TrainerRoad.

Read all about it here

That gap between the seats is Brompton sized

Just in case you didn't know, this is a handy place to stash a folding bike. 

2 for 1: Stolen Goat combines dog walking and cycling gear!

2021 Stolen Goat jackets and beanies

Frosty morning dog walks, cold crisp trail rides, wet and windy morning cycle commutes... Stolen Goat says it has you covered for all of these activities with its new range of Adventure Down and Waterproof Jackets.

The Adventure Down Jackets have some pretty cool looking sleeves that can be zipped off for converting into a gilet once the weather warms up again.

Shop this new line here

Let TrainerRoad’s artificial intelligence take the guesswork out of your training

2021 TrainerRoad Adaptive Training plan overview

You’re drenched in sweat and tears, you’ve been at it on the turbo for half an hour but failed to complete the workout you had planned. Hands up, I’ve definitely been there. With so much going on in life, TrainerRoad has stepped in to take account of this variability in training, with its new AI-powered Adaptive Training Platform that’s designed to recommend a workout based on your current abilities.

It’s been in a closed beta testing phase until now, but TrainerRoad says testing has revealed a 50% decrease in failed workouts, plus riders were 20% more likely to increase their power to weight ratio. Sound great.

Read all about it here

Link your ride on Tom Pidcock’s app

Tom Pidcock Link My Ride

On the bike Tom Pidcock’s been busy becoming an Olympic champ and all, off the bike he’s been, well, a record-breaking runner for one, and developing an app too. Link My Ride is the social cycling community app Pidcock has co-founded.

It’s designed to help you meet other like-minded cyclists in your local area and seems great for those that aren’t part of a cycling club. Inbuilt messaging enables you to follow other riders and create groups for planning and organising rides together.

You can download it over here.

New MAAP Transit gear for commuters has landed

2021 MAAP Transit Jacket

You'll have already twigged that it has been a big week for clothing, and here's some more... Designed to look and perform just as good off the bike as on it to encourage commuters to choose two wheels over four, MAAP has just dropped its new collection of technical and stylish urban gear; you’ve got jackets, a hoodie, t-shirts, trousers, shorts and a beanie with unisex fits are available.

Four-way stretch materials have been used to provide a full range of movement with no adjustments necessary, while reflective details have been included to give extra visibility for city riding.

Shop this new line here

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capedcrusader | 2 years ago
1 like

I'm only suprised the collaboration didn't produce a NFT bike. 


Chris Hayes replied to capedcrusader | 2 years ago

Don't give them ideas around scalability....I'm a fan of the graffiti frame, but think I've seen something similar before...

Organon replied to capedcrusader | 2 years ago

You don't want to be going into a sharp corner and find out that your bike is Non-fungible!.

Sriracha | 2 years ago

I had to zoom in on the zebra one to check it didn't say "Cillit Bang".

RoubaixCube | 2 years ago

With exception of 'Strawberry Smile' which has quite understated looks (which is nice) i think the one with her name all over it is very garish while the green one should be shrunk and sold as a kids bike

-- Not really my sort of colours but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I think the Zebra looking one and 'strawberry Smile' are the best one there.


Maybe the ugly ones can be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to a cycling charity.

Steve K | 2 years ago

Rather than Stella McCartney's bikes, have a look at FireWaterBoy's work in the Pictures of Your Bike thread.

captain_slog | 2 years ago

Not so keen on those Stella McCartney designs, though great that she's getting involved with cycling: how about a partnership with a women's pro team?

That Festka, though, is something else.

matt_cycles replied to captain_slog | 2 years ago

Came here to say the same. A link with a pro women's team would be a nice link up.

The custom design in the main picture is awful though. I don't like the black Cannondale font on top of her writing in red. Seems messy.

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