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Tour de Zwift returns this January with shorter weekday rides and longer weekend ones

This eight stage tour is for Zwifters of all abilities, so riders will be able to choose from three distance-based categories for each stage

Zwift is bringing back its mass-participation tour, the Tour de Zwift, for 2022, with eight stages starting on 10 January and running through to 13 February. New for this year is a split between the length of rides scheduled during the week and at weekends. 

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2022 Tour de Zwift 2

The Tour de Zwift is the online virtual cycling platform’s inclusive stage event that allows Zwifters of all abilities to explore eight of its worlds, discover different routes and join a variety of events.

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Zwift is changing things up this year with rides now categorised into weekday and weekend rides.

“Weekday rides are shorter, more efficient, making it easier to find a time with work and school schedules and close to home in cities and residential routes,” Zwift explains.

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“Weekend rides are longer rides that offer the opportunity to explore the natural perimeters of Zwift that feature mountains, dirt roads and rolling hills.”

Each stage is themed based on the route, starting with ‘Flat Is Fast’ running from 10 January to 13 January.

2022 Tour de Zwift 1

Zwifters will be able to choose from three distance based categories - the Shorter Ride, the Standard Ride, or the Longer Ride - for each stage.  

The eight stages for the 2022 Tour de Zwift are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Flat is Fast from 10 January to 13 January
  • Stage 2: Mountain Madness from 14 January -to16 January
  • Stage 3: Round & Round from 17 January to 20 January
  • Stage 4: Let’s Get Dirty from 21 January to 23 January
  • Stage 5: Urban Delight from 24 January to 27 January
  • Stage 6: Go Long from 28 January to 30 January
  • Stage 7: Escalator from 31 January to 3 February
  • Stage 8: Big City Champs from 4 February to 6 February

More information, including how to take part in each stage can be found at

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