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Upright cycling water bottle has an angled top to "maintain an aerodynamic position" while sipping, and it's crowdfunding on Kickstarter

The idea is that you don’t have to tilt your head to hydrate, which Nothirst claims can reduce drag by up to 35% compared to using a traditional bottle

Upright is a sports water bottle that allows you to drink without having to rotate the bottle, and it’s currently being crowdfunded for on Kickstarter over here. Dutch start-up Nothirst has designed it with an angled bottleneck so you can maintain your precious aerodynamic position when taking a sip, while also keeping your eyes on the road.

Nothirst points out that cyclists currently have to angle their body to get a proper sip of whatever it is they're drinking, saying this both partially obstructs their view of the road, and means a large portion of their chest is now creating drag. To avoid this, Nothirst reckons it has the solution with Upright. 

Nothirst upright water bottle 5

Nothirst makes the bold claim that Upright can reduce your drag by a massive 35% compared to drinking from a bottle with a normal design:

“To achieve a good sip of water, all you need to do is squeeze your Upright,” says Nothirst. “The internal straw is just the right length to ensure no residual water is left in the bottle when you reach your next re-fill checkpoint.”

Nothrist upright water bottle 3

The unique design of Upright also means it won’t go too far if you accidentally drop it. “When you drop a regular bottle on a slanted surface, say, on the side of the road, it tends to roll away,” Nothirst points out. 

Nothirst is selling the Upright bottle in two sizes, one with 750ml of capacity and the other with 1000ml.

Nothrist upright water bottle 2

The bottle can be disassembled in three parts for easy cleaning, plus it’s dishwasher safe. 

By pledging 15 euros (about £13) for the Upright 750, you can save 30% off the retail price of 22 euros. 

So far over £2,400 has been pledged of the £12,635 and there’s 23 days to go. 

As always, all the usual Kickstarter rules and regulations apply which can be found here.

What’d you think? A gimmick, or should we all be using bottles like this? Let us know in the comments below as always... 

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