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Van Nicholas launches £1000 titanium balance bike that it claims could "help children to ride better"

The brand says the carbon-fork-equipped Ventus Jr. will serve generations of children…

Dutch titanium bike manufacturer Van Nicholas has brought out a titanium balance bike, the Ventus JR, which the brand says “might even help children to ride better, and faster, much quicker, and for longer”.  

Without scientific research to back up the claim, admits Van Nicholas, the brand supposes that its balance bike, which comes with a full titanium frame, carbon wheels, carbon fork, and unsurprisingly, a hefty price tag, gives a head start for kids that want to achieve “cycling expertise”. 

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2023 Balance Bike Ventus Jr - Perspective Right

Van Nicholas is not the first brand to think that youngsters should ride something more like what the adults have. Just a couple of years ago Specialized launched the Hotwalk Carbon, a full carbon balance bike with a price tag of £999. 

“Titanium’s lightweight but robust nature makes it the perfect material for very young riders because it is light enough for them to control easily, but tough enough to handle the rough treatment it will inevitably receive!” Ralph Moorman, General Manager of Van Nicholas, says. 

2023 Balance Bike Ventus Jr - Perspective Top

The bike’s frame, handlebars and stem are made of the same Aerospace Grade 3AL/2.5V Titanium as Van Nicholas' adult bikes. The rubber grips are smaller to ensure a secure grip for smaller hands, there is a padded saddle for comfort and the saddle height is adjustable so the bike grows with the rider. The foot platform is integrated to offer a space for the feet when freewheeling. 

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The whole bike weighs 2,322g and is suitable for children aged between three and five. And the cost... well, it is just a notch over a grand at £1,006.

If you really want to spoil a future cycling champion, can order one from Van Nicholas' website now.

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