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Mercian seeing spots on twitter

Derby bespoke builder posts this interesting seat tube treatment

It's funny because only a few hours ago I was playing with Mercian's online frame configurator thingie and now this afternoon - coincidentaly and on their day off - they've posted this picture of a spotty variant on their usual trademark barber-pole seat tube paint treatment with the comment, "Spots before my eyes. I can see this becoming popular."

As they're shut I don't know yet whether this is for a customer's order - a bit of a climber maybe - or a special show one-off. There's obviously a story behind it because the lug design is unusual as well as the paint. Ah, yes, the paint.

I'm not sure what I think after the initial recoil-in-horror but there's also a sneaking feeling it might be growing on me and, of course, the first impression can never be trusted until it's seen all built up with 'bar tape on and cable colours chosen. White saddle and handlebars? What do you think?

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iOptix | 12 years ago

in a weird kind of way - i think i like it. be interested to see the finished beast though.
judging by the colourscheme it will probably have a brooks saddle on it.

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