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Hopes and Dreams for 2012

Despite moving house, changing job role and getting a first baby in 2011, there are still unfulfilled ambitions for James



As years go 2011 was a pretty monumental one in our house... and when I say house, I mean houses.

A change in role at work, a move of home and then within four weeks our first baby. All within 12 months and one week of getting married... bullets have left guns slower than that but throughout all of the chaos and settling in, I still maintained a bit of fitness and enjoyment on my bike.

One thing that has been clear is that with an infant you cannot plan too far in advance but despite the adjustment needed I squeezed in a ride in the Wiggle Steeplechase during September. If you squint on the event YouTube video you can see my socks.

Through the winter I have been getting out a bit on the singlespeed but spent more time finishing my latest book. Now that is out of the way I am starting to hone my ambitions for 2012 and looking forward to achieving my goals.

One of them took only 11 hours to achieve with the New Years Day "Frostbite 10" with my club Fenland Clarion. I wanted to take my standard road bike round in about 32 mins as I hadn't done much and was on winter tyres etc.

My aim is now to take part a bit more in club events, mid week 10's etc. as well as selected sportives. The first of which is coming up sooner than I probably would like... Wiggle No Excuses.

So what are you planning for 2012 and would you like to commit to it so we can review in the autumn?




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