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It’s all in the finish!

Bikes and bits with cool paintwork and details from Berlin Bike Show

We spent last weekend at the Berlin Bike Show – Berliner Fahrradshau – checking out a vast array of stunning bikes, components and accessories, and here's our round-up of the ones with the most interesting and imaginative finishes.

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Berlin 2017 Zullo - 1.jpg

This bike from Zullo has a really unusual mustard/brown marble finish along with a polished driveside chainstay and fork. It look pretty neat, huh?

Berlin 2017 Zullo - 2.jpg



Berlin 2017 Festka - 1.jpg

The top layer of the carbon tubing on this bike from Festka is striking.

Berlin 2017 Festka - 3.jpg

Those are gold bananas on the fork, head tube, bottom bracket shell and seat cluster.

Berlin 2017 Festka - 4.jpg



Berlin 2017 Velocipedo DisCourse - 7.jpg

This Velocipedo DisCourse is made from high-modulus carbon. It’s not often that the frame/fork colour is carried over to the rims, seatpost and stem (unless you count black as a colour!).

Berlin 2017 Velocipedo DisCourse - 3.jpg

Check out our short video of it on Instagram.

Berlin 2017 Velocipedo Gentleman - 1.jpg

The Velocipedo Gentleman is titanium with a mainly matt finish but we really like the patterned seat tube.

Berlin 2017 Velocipedo Gentleman - 2.jpg



Berlin 2017 Tommasini - 1.jpg

This steel Tommasini has beautiful detailing along the top tube. 

Berlin 2017 Tommasini - 3.jpg



Berlin 2017 Coh&Co  - 1.jpg

Coh&Co makes its bikes from ash and walnut laminates with carbon-fibre in certain areas to provide reinforcement (the black line you can see on the picture below). 

Berlin 2017 Coh&Co  - 3.jpg

Check out this detail on the top tube...

Berlin 2017 Coh&Co  - 4.jpg



Berlin 2017 8 Bar - 1.jpg

Germany’s 8bar is offering its carbon KronPrinz frameset in this Team Edition paint job.



Berlin 2017 PoloAndBike - 1.jpg

This Williamsburg track bike from PoloAndBike is liveried up in the Spanish brand’s team colours.

Berlin 2017 PoloAndBike - 4.jpg


Brick Lane Bikes

Berlin 2017 Brick Lane Bikes - 1.jpg

London’s Brick Lane Bikes offer many cool finishes that you can apply yourself. This is a clear coat finish called keirin liquid glass purple. We’ve put a short video on Instagram that gives you a better idea of how it glints and sparkles.

Berlin 2017 Brick Lane Bikes - 2.jpg

This one is keirin flake multi painted on top of Brick Lane Bikes black. As you can see, this time the flakes are various different colours.



Berlin 2017 Melon - 3.jpg

Melon offers a zillion different finishes in its Urban Active collection. 

Berlin 2017 Melon - 6.jpg

This one (below) was a finalist in a Revierhelm Arts Contest.

Berlin 2017 Melon - 2.jpg



This Space Cadet design is in Nutcase’s Youth range although there are similarly off-the-wall designs for adults.

Berlin 2017 nutcase - 1.jpg



Berlin 2017 Huez - 1.jpg

London’s Huez will launch this jacket, with 3M reflectivity to get you noticed at night, in August. 

Berlin 2017 Huez - 2.jpg

In normal circumstances it looks black.

Like existing Huez clothing, it has a Quickburst system that allows you to open the zip superfast from the middle. 

Berlin 2017 Huez 2 - 1.jpg

This new men’s jersey has an unusual rock-type appearance.

Berlin 2017 Huez womens - 1.jpg

This jersey is part of Huez’s first women’s lineup that’s due to launch any time now.


Urban Proof

Berlin 2017 Urban Proof - 1.jpg

The watermelon finish is one of a whole range that Urban Proof offers on its Ding Dong bell.



Berlin 2017 CocoMat saddle - 1.jpg

This isn’t a wood-effect finish, this is an olive wooden saddle from Greece’s Coco-Mat. Nice grain, huh? And you don’t often say that about a saddle.




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Matthias@VELOCiPEDO. | 7 years ago
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Thanks for posts 2 VELOCiPEDO.bikes #berlinerfahrradschau #velocipedo


Shamblesuk | 7 years ago

That 8 Bar is sumptuous and for less than a grand for 990g frame/350g forks it looks a very good deal....

canyonkid replied to Shamblesuk | 7 years ago

Shamblesuk wrote:

That 8 Bar is sumptuous and for less than a grand for 990g frame/350g forks it looks a very good deal....


My thoughts exactly, I'm now saving!


lolol | 7 years ago

Is that a good name? Not sure I would want that written on my bike.

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