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Video: Bike maintenance Pt 3 – How to keep your bike's wheels round, tight and true

Your bike's wheels are supposed to be round and true, keeping them that way makes for a more efficient and comfortable ride, here's how to do it

If the wheels on your bike aren't round they won't go round so easily making your bike less efficient in terms of speed, handling and comfort. Really poorly maintained wheels are dangerous. Luckily keeping your wheels in tip, top condition is relatively easy with a little know how.

In the third of our cycle maintenance videos Cycle Surgery chief mechanic, Andrew Brown talks us through how to keep the spokes on your wheel correctly tensioned either using a wheel jig or in the bike frame itself, how to replace a broken spoke, and when replacing a wheel is better than tr

The whole series of our bike maintenance videos is available now on Youtube to help you get to grips with the essentials of keeping your bike running efficiently all year round. 

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