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13 year old ‘in collision with Range Rover’

A young girl was very seriously injured crossing the road from school in Altrincham yesterday afternoon.

The below the line 40 + comments on the local online news site were mostly about how there was no lollipop person provided and the council was 'disgusting'.   Also some victim blaming, kids run into the road etc.   No critism of the driver until I pointed out that on a straight road where schoolchildren were crossing drivers have responsibility for their actions.

My remarks got a few likes but the general tone of comments showed how ingrained is the culture of the motorist having no agency when 'accidents' happen.

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Daveyraveygravey | 1 year ago

I'd challenge the reporting too...was it an autonomous RR?

Simon_MacMichael replied to Daveyraveygravey | 1 year ago

Daveyraveygravey wrote:

I'd challenge the reporting too...was it an autonomous RR?

One of the reasons the Road Collision Reporting Guidelines launched last year need to be more widely adopted.

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