My ride to work this morning was pretty sketchy, definitely worse than yesterday. Black ice everywhere. Didn't come off, but it wasn't for want of opportunity  1 just read the 'riding on ice' thing on here and it's pretty much what i was trying to do: leave the front brake alone, don't change direction on anything slippy, keep pedalling...

left my leg warmers in the office so i had to ride in in my football socks. got some funny looks...  19


ourmaninthenorth [81 posts] 10 years ago

I suspect wearing a little more than *just* your football socks might have lessened the funny looks....  1

Manchester - or the bit I ride through - seems to have lost its snow, and there was relatively little ice (black or otherwise) on display. Shame, really, as the inner-child in me wanted more snow.

dave atkinson [6538 posts] 10 years ago

...it actually snowed quite a bit, had an inch and a half back at the homestead (up on the hill). wasn't very packable by the time we got home cuase it had frozen again, but managed to fashion a snowman using the lids from our recycling boxes to make a sort of cone of snow, and then made a big snowball with my hands for the head. to be honest it's a bit crap, but daisy loved it  1

coming down this morning it was a bit slushy but still icy in places. there's a bit in town where you go behind homebase and over a little suspension bridge, it's pedestrian only so ungritted, and that was proper sketchy. the bridge itself was okay cause it's metal and the snow had never melted, but everywhere else was ice.