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Ribble R872 105SE vs Planet X ProCarbon SRAM Rival?

I've just started getting into Sportives and am currently riding a 2016 Cube Attain. No problems with the bike but I am thinking of taking advantage of the bike to work scheme to make an upgrade, as it's the only way my wife will let me spend a £1000 on a bike and spending any more money on significant upgrades is also out. Two options seem to make sense at the current prices:

  • The Ribble R872 105SE which seems to have a very well reviewed frame, albeit with a few complaints of a lack of compliance on longer rides, full 105 groupset and what appears to be a very basic set of Rodi Airline 5 Wheels. I'd guess that Ribble's thought process is that these would be the first thing to be upgraded but as mentioned above, it's pretty unlikely I'll get to upgrade them. another downside is I'd have to pay an additional £100 Admin fee, so save money from the tax man but pay it to Ribble instead.
  • The Planet X ProCarbon is a bit lighter and has a better set of wheels, Vision 35's, and a more compliant frame but there is just no up to date review available. It has a full SRAM Rival groupset(I am not bothered about if I have Shimano or SRAM). On the downside there are a few mentions on Forum posts that the bike suffers from high speed wobble at speeds over 40mph (I am not sure I've even gone that fast yet!) and that the front fork is a little springy when sprinting. 

I am 40 years old, 5ft10 and currently weigh 14st (that is going down but I doubt I'll ever weigh less than 13). I am looking to enter short and middle distance sportives next year, with maybe one longer distance one and will probably join a cycle club next year. And of course I'll be riding it to work!!

Any constructive advice welcome, particularly if you have experience of the bikes in question. If you do have alternatives to offer please remember I can only buy through the bike 2 works vouchers so please don't suggest anything that cannot be purchased that way or costs more than a grand, regardless of how brilliant it is.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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