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Road quick release / QR / skewers, light vs 'normal'

I’ve just found a crack on my QR from Roval wheels (internal cam, housing has a crack, probably I was using too much force), and I need ones (or at least one ), S-Works Tarmac SL6 frame, rim brakes.
Can you feel difference between ‘standard’ ones that weights >100g and light ones? (35-50g?) I’m not talking about the weight but clamping force (affecting bike handling etc.)
according to some tests, those light external cam QRs can be even 30-40% weaker than internal cam QRs

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Mathemagician | 1 month ago

To answer your question, yes you can sometimes feel the difference. Built a set of wheels for a friend and he installed them with new lightweight QR skewers. He was getting brake run when he put in out of the sale efforts which surprised me. When he switched back to the old skewers the problem went away. He was riding a CAAD12 and as far as I know they're not exactly known for being flexy in the rear triangle.

Simon E | 1 month ago

Safety is far more important than a few grammes. I've not found anything to beat (or match) standard Shimano QRs so far - reliability, the reassuring sense of the cam tightening gradually as you close it and not either a sudden high resistance or hits the end stop to early in the sweep.

jaysa replied to Simon E | 1 month ago

Another vote for Shimano QRs.
I run 25mm GP5000s on my old model Supersix , and the tyres are *really* close to the frame on the chainstays. Titanium QRs let the wheel move enough to rub the frame because of the rough roads here. Changed to Shimano QRs - no further problems...

ktache replied to Simon E | 1 month ago

Never had a Shimano QR fail on me. They just work. And the top end ones look good too.
And Shimano quality, I have just got myself a set of Saint platforms, not the lightest, sexyiest and according to some reviews, not the grippiest. But when considering a new set of pedals, and I have a tendency to destroy pedals, i have never managed to kill a Shimano pedal, and for a downhill specific pedal, i can obtain reflectors for them. Definitely not cheap reflectors, but even some Wellgos don't have the ability to fit the classic cateye reflector

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