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Dumb arse laughter..

Had best day.

Moz's in hospital. Paralyzed right side.

Although winter, it's like a Welsh summer day. (Expect it's sunny without cloud. Lol)
Thought righto.. I'll go bang 100kms.
Bike I built has something stiff near rear axle.. Lube it later. Grabbed the $100 special.
(This is why I fail as a mechanic.. I've realized I'm limited to flats, down the beach and the few 7%s with clear runway exits)
Never in a rush.. Started to climb the back of the local mountain (less steep), hopped off, walked her up.. Ain't far.. Walking a nice stretch anyway.
Remembered Moz, came down the steep through the twisties. I can't bang lots of speed on this bike, frame slightly short and doesn't allow reduced windage and high torque. Hit 71kmph 10-20metre before 1st hairpin. Arse end soon breached traction, released clamp yet she'd gone. Friggin high as a kite dude, had eaten 2 pieces of celery and an apple.
I think it's the first road bike skid I've done.. Brakes off fearing buckle, it just hangs out anyhow..
At hospital, obtained permission to take mate out in wheelchair. His leg numb. Front wheel clipped grass and he rolled out. Head held high he grazed his leg. Paralyzed leg now bloody: A tiny graze with runny blood. I looked at him, he looked at me. We couldn't stop laughing. I lifted him into chair. His left foot kicked the left foot rest. His shaking right leg(normally still) almost flattened the right foot rest. He used his left to finish task.
We kept laughing, he wasn't hurt.. Although paralyzed, his right leg received about 5 minutes of self strenuous exercise (shaky snaky).
A small gift too (a pain spot). He'll be 'right; rhythm will find.
Nurses complained a bit..  3 doctor looked impressed though.  1

Trippy aye.. He won our best bike vs wheelchair race.. Lazy can't. He did though..

I'm amazed some of you guys come down in peletons.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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