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Bike parts prices

Who thinks that bike parts suppliers prices have gone through the roof and they are absolutely taking the michael at what the expect us to pay as cyclists,  for what was half the price that they were 18 months ago?  I would like the mark up on items to be displayed at the point of sale. I personally think we are being ripped off just because we love cycling. 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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EddyBerckx | 1 year ago

Until 18 months or so ago bike parts (at least online) were rarely sold at RRP.

Brexit and the pandemic causing a parts shortage has changed all that.

Now you pay normal price. Should settle down hopefully at some point though Brexit means it won't be at the former level.

IanMSpencer replied to EddyBerckx | 1 year ago

I did a long and boring response which even I couldn't bother re-reading pointing out the impact of various things. Bottom of the list comes profiteering. Companies like Wiggle were trading unprofitably (hence the merger with CRC) - 2018 was a golden age of zero inflation, over-supply, suppliers buying market share and so on.

Several of us here lived in the 70s and 80s where double digit inflation was normal. It wasn't all negative, because we got good pay deals sometimes, and sellers didn't always track inflation.  It's a bit more worrying this time because so much public spending is not simply recirculating in the UK as it did in  the 70s but going to foreign companies (often government owned) so public spending won't necessarily stimulate our own economy. One of the reasons my generation is better off is we had high inflation reducing our debt - once we'd got through Norm's Black Whateverday interest rates.

Spangly Shiny | 1 year ago

The laws of supply and demand prevail. Any kit that is being offered cheaply is out of stock and when it comes into stock, up go the prices.

kil0ran replied to Spangly Shiny | 1 year ago

Yep, a neighbour has just purchased a full 105 group (rim brake) for under £500, which isn't much different to prices for 5800 pre-pandemic/Brexit

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