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Broken spokes

I've never broken spokes before (well, once with a rear mech mishap, but that doesn't count).  That's no broken spokes for decades.  I now have some stupid-expensive carbon wheels and have had a spoke fail on the rear wheel - wheel out of true and a long walk home.  Turned out the spokes were too long and it was all rebuilt.  The front wheel turned out to be the same - overlong spokes, rebuilt with decent-weight spokes.  Now one of those new front spokes has gone.   It failed overnight -  It was fine after yesterday's ride - this morning it's sheared off at the end of the thread. Two failed spokes in six months.

They're the second pair of hand-built wheels i've had - the first pair are still true and survived a T-bone crash with a car at 20 mph without a scratch.  Have I been lucky for the past decades, or is something wrong?

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