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Garmin Edge Explore desired improvements

The Garmin Edge Explore is a great device, but the software is hopeless. This is a list of what I would like to see improved. See also my website about this here:

If you compare the Garmin with, for example, a car navigation from TomTom, then you see clearly the weakness of the Garmin. I have collected a number of points for improvement, I hope Garmin wants to carry this out.

Possibility to reverse the route
It is still impossible to navigate a route in reverse direction.

Touchscreen problems
Often the touchscreen only responds after 2x touching.

Changing map orientation with the Garmin
It is important to be able to quickly switch between 3D mode and north-up mode. Now it takes at least 14 clicks:

Click on the map
Ride settings
Select the map mode
Press X
Swap left
Swap left
Now we are back to the map.
Why is this so awfully clumsy? It would be nice if changing the map orientation could be done with a single keystroke.

Turning power off is refused
Switching off the Garmin with the power button is often refused, then we receive the following error message:
“Activity in progress. Stop the timer before putting the device to sleep or powering off.”
The device must always be able to be switched off without first going through all kinds of menus.

Return to homescreen
Sometimes you can quickly go the homescreen with tip on the screen and then click on the Home icon. But often it is more work. It would be nice if you can always go back to the home screen with one click.

Wrong map view when searching on the map
If the map is set to 3D mode for navigation, then, when searching for a course, the map is also shown in 3D, but this has to be north-up.

Lockscreen working clumsy
See the lock screen tips above.

To many beeps
There are too many beeps during navigation. It is unclear how to reduce these.

Settings at an illogical location
The settings for Turn Guidance and Off Course Warnings are at an illogical location:
Main menu > Courses > Saved Courses > bottom right icon.

A better location is the menu Ride Settings > Alerts.

Stopping the activity timer is cumbersome
For instance, when we are in the Ride window, it this takes 4 clicks:

Discard ride X
Discard ride without saving? V
This can be simplified with just 2 options:

Discard ride without saving?
Discard ride with saving?
Then we should automatically return to the last window.

Garmin Connect offline app for Windows needed
You can only download routes to your device with Garmin Connect. Unfortunately, this program is only available online. On June 23, 2020, the Garmin website was offline due to a malfunction. All Garmin users around the world were no longer able to put routes on their device.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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