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Giant contend SL1 2017 disc - what freehub ?

Hi All, 

I hope someone here can help and tell what type of freehub is there origaly fitted in Giant contend SL1 disc? It is for Shimano 105 11s. Wheel Giant S-R2. Also i struggle to remove it. I managed to remove the axle but the freehub is not comin out. It is a little wobbly and stopped doing its work. After trying to remove it it somehow started working again, but when puting everything back togheter, it makes some cracking sounds like if the a spokes are about to get demaged and teh wheel seems to be now seriously out of true. Is it best to replace the whole wheel? SR2 ar eno longer available, i am told, so i got ofered P-R2 for £265 for a set 

thank you

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